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Guide to Teaching English to Chinese Students

Last Updated on 2022/11/28

Developments in technology and international cooperation have increased the need for people to be multilingual.

The pressure is greater on non-English speakers as the dialect continues to reign globally, gaining recognition as an official language of communication in most settings. For this reason, the majority of Chinese students have opted to learn English, both as an academic requirement and to keep up with the rapid developments in international cooperation.

The increase in the number of non-English speakers, such as the Chinese, seeking to learn the language presents a chance for English teachers to build a career for themselves. With the developments in communication technology, one can leverage different channels to teach English to Chinese students. In this article, we discuss factors to consider as you prepare to be an online tutor and the elements to keep in mind as you make your student’s learning experience the best.

Teach English to Chinese Students: A Quick Guide to Online Tutoring

There isn’t much to thank Covid-19 for, apart from the numerous opportunities it has unveiled in remote work and the accessibility to important amenities through the touch of a button. The development of online learning has brought great convenience, enabling both teachers and students to meet and have fruitful discussions regardless of geographical location. Things are staying the same, and English teachers can ride on the wave for some time.

Teaching English to Chinese students requires you to note some issues that might be important to your career. Here are key tips to make your tutoring experience the best.

Consider the interferences from the first language

As a teacher, understand that the first language has different grammatical rules than English. Therefore, the students will make numerous mistakes when pronouncing or writing words that have conflicting structures or do not exist in Mandarin/Cantonese. Maintain your cool and ensure you’re able to correct the learners, so they get the basics right at the beginning. With such an assurance, it is possible to graduate the best ESL speakers from the lot.

Understand the differences in time zones

As you look at how to teach Chinese students English online, it is important to consider the differences in time zones. The UK, USA, and other native English-speaking nations are in completely different time zones from China. Therefore, if you’re looking to build a career out of tutoring, then it is important to check the differences so you can plan yourself well.

Ensure stable internet access

Online teaching and learning can only be successful with a proper internet connection. Therefore, it is one of the primary needs to check on as you explore the concept of working from home.

Understand the cultural differences

Chinese people have a completely different culture from the rest of the world. Ensure you familiarize yourself with the cultural issues and taboos so you’re teaching English to Chinese students’ lesson plans seamlessly.

Prepare yourself to teach

Comb through various resources and prepare the right materials, such as handouts and posters, which can be useful in teaching. Such visual elements ensure students master the concepts easily, particularly when it comes to writing skills.

How Can You Start Teaching English Online to Chinese Students?

After understanding the job description’s minute details, the next step is to start the teaching process. However, it is a procedure that requires you to follow a given protocol, so you don’t end up on the wrong side of the law. Here are the steps to follow:

Check that you have your degree

A degree is an absolute requirement in China if you’re looking to teach, whether online or offline. If you have no degree, the first step would be acquiring one to teach legally. Alternatively, you can ensure a decent TEFL certificate as proof that you understand the language and can impart the knowledge.

Revamp your CV and apply for jobs

Once you have all other requirements, such as the degree and language proficiency test certificates, the next step is to put your CV together and apply for jobs. Currently, CustomWritings, a professional paper writing service, offers employment chances for ENL tutors and professional writers from whom you can order an essay online. The company has set itself as one of the best custom writing services on the internet, catering to the needs of students all over the world. The company focuses on employing experts who can provide professional academic assistance to students. All operations run online and allow you to handle as many students as possible, mostly by helping them understand basic writing skills through written paper samples. Once ready for employment, this might be the best employer to consider in your growth as an online tutor.

Once you secure a position, the last step is to put in the work and ensure to deliver the best. Usually, Chinese students who seek to learn English have a goal to achieve, and you, as the tutor, are the bridge to their success. Ensuring they gain the requisite writing skills regarding professional papers and documents is the greatest flex you can have in the job.

Teaching English to Chinese Students Online: The Goals to Consider in Making Learning Captivating and Fun

Teaching English to Chinese students online is a challenging exercise compared to when you do it offline. You must set your goals to make the learning experience exciting and engaging. Take note that there are fast and slow learners in every tutoring environment, so you must brace yourself for a difficult task as you build your teaching career. The following are some of the pointers to keep note of:

  • Gamify the learning process: students like to be in a highly engaging learning environment. It doesn’t matter that the class is online since the primary objective is ensuring the student can master all writing and speaking skills. Therefore, you must focus on fun and enjoyable activities that will help the student master core aspects of the language.
  • Build a friendly relationship with the students: consider establishing a rapport with learners as part of the job description and give them the best experience. Based on this need, maintain your patience and give the students a chance to consider you more as a learning partner rather than a tutor who is out to spew information and go away.
  • Give every student equal time and attention: as previously mentioned, there are fast and slow learners in every classroom. Consider the needs of every student and accord them the needed attention, attending to their concerns and problems.
  • Don’t limit your engagements with the students: you are likely to meet different age groups while teaching English online to Chinese students. In such an instance, do not limit your interaction to only those who click with your instruction methodology. Be free and engage the students in a way that makes them feel recognized and important in the whole teaching and learning exercise.
  • Build an environment where students do not fear to speak up: learning a second language can be a real hassle, especially for students who come from a background where the first language has a completely different structure. The same applies when teaching English to Chinese students. You should encourage the learners to speak up to enable you to identify their problems and provide solutions. The goal is to have perfect ESL speakers, so you must go the extra mile to deliver.
  • Prepare and customize your teaching materials: this is one of the most important aspects of the job. Understand that your students need to gain knowledge of the English language. Therefore, you should prepare learning materials that are easy to follow. In addition, allow students to learn and master the skills from the easiest to the most challenging without difficulty. Make use of visual elements to enable the students to build a proper connection between the native language and that under discussion so they can appreciate the existing differences.

Summing up

The world is quickly moving towards a culture where multilingual people have better opportunities. For this reason, most Chinese students have availed themselves to learn and practice English. It is a good opportunity for all English teachers since the whole teaching exercise occurs online. With the information we’ve presented, you can realize a breakthrough if you follow everything to the letter.

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