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Chunky Throw Blankets That’ll Definitely Amp up the Cozy

Last Updated on 2022/10/21

Big and soft knit blankets are trendy right now, and everyone wants to get their hands on this huge and comfy thing.

They can be great decor for any room as you can liven up your space by throwing such a chunky blanket on a sofa or armchair. They are also very practical, being so soft and warm. However, many people face a dilemma when they think about buying or making a chunky knit throw blanket. Read along to find out about the pros and cons of buying this type of blanket.

Should I Buy or Knit a Throw Blanket?

Many people think that it is not worth buying a seemingly simple blanket that you can knit yourself. However, to knit one, you will need to know how to do it in the first place. Even if you are familiar with knitting, you will need a lot of yarn for such a thick blanket, as well as special knitting needles that are much bigger than regular ones.

Not to mention how expensive high-quality yarn can be. Buying a beautiful chunky blanket will save you a lot of time, effort, and money too. By ordering one from Linens & Hutch, you can receive your cozy and stunning blanket in no time.

Benefits of Chunky Knit Blankets

If you want to create a cozy and beautiful space, a chunky knit blanket is a must. Of course, all blankets are great, but there is something so satisfying and comfy about these thick throw blankets. Here are some pros of knit blankets by Linens & Hutch:

·       All blankets are knit using extra soft 100% acrylic yarn.

·       These knit blankets are incredible for allergic people or those with skin sensitivity as they are made with supreme-quality yarn.

·       This model comes in a few beautiful colors, such as ivory, blush, light blue, and two shades of grey. This way, you can easily pick a suitable color for your space.

The beauty of chunky blankets is that they can be great for both decor and day-to-day use. By simply throwing one over a couch, you can make the interior look stunning and cozy. When reading, watching a movie, or simply snuggling on a sofa, you can wrap yourself in a giant silky and soft blanket and feel as cozy as ever. They also make great gifts for your close ones if you want to share the love.

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