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Davinci Motor’s DC100 High-Performance Electric Motorcycle Debuts in China

Last Updated on 2022/09/15

According to the Information Office of the Zibo Municipal People’s Government, Davinci Motor’s small batch trial production of DC100 high-performance electric bikes recently rolled off the manufacturing line in Zibo, China, signifying a fresh start and new vigor for the motorcycle industry.

When it comes to performance, the DC100 challenges its 1,000cc gas-powered equivalent, as proven by remarkable technical data: 0-100 km/h acceleration in around 3 seconds, top speed of 200 km/h, peak power of 100 kilowatts, and peak torque of 850 Nm. Furthermore, the DC100 was built using new energy vehicles (NEV) as range and charging technique baselines, raising industry standards for two-wheeled electric cars. The DC100 is compatible with L3 DC Fast Chargers, which can provide a full charge in around 30 minutes in the United States, Europe, and China.

The DC100 is designed with a robotic idea and is capable of detecting, processing, and executing. The DC100 can track accurate information such as ambient temperature, battery, and motor temperature, lean angle, traveling speed, wheel speed, and road conditions while riding. It also integrates vehicle and environmental data and human inputs to accurately regulate its power system. To address the challenge of riding a heavy-duty motorcycle, the DC100 is equipped with a variety of support features such as Hill Start Assist Control and Hill Descent Control, Reverse Assist, Combined Braking System, and Traction Control System, all of which make riding more straightforward and safer. As a result, both in look and performance, the DC100 is a two-wheeled dynamic robot.

Davinci DC100 High-Performance Electric Motorcycle

The intelligent manufacturing base of Davinci Motor, located in the Zibo Comprehensive Bonded Zone, is a modern plant with Industry 4.0 production. Digitalized and intelligent processes in its production line in terms of supply, manufacturing, and sales are facilitated by IoT technologies, making it easier to produce fast, efficient, and tailored products. Furthermore, the DC100’s final assembly line includes more than 20 AGV robots, enabling completely intelligent and adaptable manufacturing. Davinci Motor and Zibo will lead the new energy motorbike industry into a new stage of growth, riding the global electric wave to future mobility.

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