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2022 Creative Expo Taiwan, the largest cultural and creative event in Asia

Last Updated on 2022/08/14

The 2022 Creative Expo Taiwan, Asia’s largest cultural and creative event, is taking place in Kaohsiung from August 5 to 14, at the Kaohsiung Exhibition Center and the Kaohsiung Music Center, and is organized by Taiwan Design Research Institute.

The topic of this year’s show is “Resonance Island,” which is a request to prioritize the island experience. In recent years, the cultural and creative industries have been seen as a significant measure of competitiveness and have attracted a large number of young people. Many Taiwanese firms and brands have employed cultural and creative features in many areas such as events, contests, and so on to increase brand value and demonstrate Taiwan’s distinctive soft power.

The Creative Expo Taiwan is divided into two sections: “Cultural Concepts” and “Trade Platform,” which cover three major exhibitions: cultural curatorial exhibitions, Cultural and Creative Brands, and IP Licensing.

The Cultural portion is called “Island of Passion,” and it is divided into five sections, each representing a personal experience. “Resonance Island,” the main pavilion, immerses visitors in experiences while also enabling virtual co-creation of new experiences with artists living on faraway islands. The Craft pavilion, “The Craft SHOP,” allows guests to go on excursions via things. The Chiayi pavilion depicts the growth of Chiayi, a contemporary metropolitan city. The Matsu pavilion takes visitors on a journey around the islands, detailing Matsu’s history. Kaohsiung, a co-host city, has launched the Response pavilion to convey a vision in which guests enjoy a dream-like trip across Taiwan.

2022 Creative Expo Taiwan
2022 Creative Expo Taiwan

The Creative section’s theme is “Ideal Adventure,” and it brings together cultural and creative brands from all over Taiwan to showcase discerning tastes through a journey through a curated selection of classic fashion, while also exploring local original creations through local revitalization through new perspectives. The Licensing section highlights “Super IPs,” which gather innovative vocabularies of the next generation, original IPs, illustrated stories, digital entertainment, and other original intellectual properties to transport visitors through a world of co-branding in the digital realm in the hope of unlocking boundless and interconnected markets.

Through 5G technology, the Creative Expo Taiwan improves virtual-real integration and connectivity while also expanding its reach on virtual channels. In addition to the physical exposition, Creative Expo Taiwan has established a new online platform, CET+, to give all participating firms with a channel to advertise their products to both local and global shoppers through the convergence of online and offline. In addition to CET+, Creative Expo Taiwan has collaborated with Pinkoi, one of Asia’s leading online marketplaces for original design goods, digital creations, and workshop experiences, to launch an online Creative Expo section to assist domestic exhibitors in opening up new markets and business opportunities.

This year, the Creative Expo Taiwan also collaborates with XRSPACE, the Metaverse pioneer, to give creators participating in “IP licensing brands” and “Talent 100,” which comprises 100 developing businesses and creators in Taiwan and overseas, to have a multiverse experience environment.

The 2022 Taiwan Creative Expo “Resonance Island-Together, we sound in vivid harmony.” is built on establishing ties in the cultural and creative industries in order to develop a viewpoint in shared culture and lifestyles to demonstrate “It’s All Connected.” As co-creators, individuals engage on a trip to study Taiwan through a macro lens and the humanities through a micro lens in order to build new connections and perspectives to transform the island via resonance.

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