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7 Animals Believed to Bring Good Luck around the World

Last Updated on 2022/07/15

For centuries, luck has been part of people’s lives. Numerous theories have come up on how different individuals attract good fortune. Whether this works or not boils down to personal belief. Some cultures believe in good luck symbols, while others are certain that specific animals possess unique energies that bring about good luck.

It is where you can find someone petting an animal when placing bets on Ice Casino to increase their chances of winning big. Are you curious about the animals believed to bring good luck? Go through the list of seven good luck animals to find out which lovely animals you may want in your life.

  1. Rabbit

For the longest time, rabbits have been considered animals that help fertility. In addition to their infamous lucky feet, the bunnies were a vital sign for the Saxon people. After long and barren winters, they considered spotting a rabbit a message of a lush spring to come.

For some English cultures, the rabbit was a symbol of prosperity. There was even a superstition that if an individual repeated “rabbit” on the first day of the month three times in a row, they would attract good fortune the entire month. It comes as no surprise that Western cultures have also adopted the same. A person does not even need an actual animal. Some may carry a foot or stuffed toy as a good luck charm.

  1. Dolphins

The dolphin is one of the most graceful and beautiful marine mammals. It is almost universally lucky and cherished by numerous cultures, including:

  • Ancient Greek
  • USA
  • Turkey
  • Italy
  • Egypt

Native Americans viewed the aquatic mammals as good luck symbols that offer protection. Sailors were delighted to encounter dolphins in the sea because it was an indication that land was close by and good fortunes were also on the way. Therefore, it’s not a surprise that numerous legends and myths claim that dolphins are people’s guides, protectors, friends, and helpers.

A genuinely auspicious animal, there are many stories narrating how dolphins have saved individuals who have been in shipwrecks, some of which are true and others pure fantasy.

  1. Pigs

Many people value the pig as a sign of good things, especially the Chinese and Irish. It is the 12th sign in the Chinese Zodiac cycle, and Chinese lore confesses that the piggies often bring good luck to business, especially for self-employed people.

The Irish respect pigs as a sign of money to come. The superstition began in farming communities where the animals were a huge part of the profits. It’s also no coincidence that most home or coin banks resemble hogs. The piggy bank originates from Asian and European cultures, where the porkers represent wealth and prosperity. Putting money in these banks denotes efforts toward a well-off future.

  1. Fish

As per National Geographic, fish are linked to well-being, health, and good fortune in Cambodia. The Kantrop is a fortunate species, according to Barry Kaufkins, who is a folklorist at Western Kentucky University. The species is alleged to inspire Lucky Iron Fish, a product that helps treat short-term iron deficiency.

Slavic cultures also consider goldfish a famous symbol of luck. Many fairy tales have been developed around this freshwater fish, one of them being that a person who catches it gets three wishes fulfilled. The goldfish is also one of the Buddha’s sacred symbols representing harmony, wealth, and fertility. Ancient Greeks thought that goldfish could help fortify relationships and marriages in addition to attracting success.

  1. Elephants

Elephants are associated with wisdom and power. It is assumed that the statues of the large mammals bring a run of luck when you place them by your door. The elephant is widely valued in Asia, where many business individuals have two of them by the entrance of the buildings. The entrepreneurs are confident that they bring stability and fortune, protecting their establishments from misfortune.

Elephants, one of the most intelligent animals, are also depicted as sacred beings. Examples of elephants in religion and mythology include:

  • Ganesha, a Hindu deity
  • Airavata is an elephant ridden by Indra, a Hindy god
  • Malini, an elephant-headed goddess
  • Erawan who is Airavata’s Thai version
  • Vinayak, a Hindu goddess
  1. Black Cats

While some people are superstitious about black cats, various cultures in Europe and Asia believe the felines come with numerous blessings, such as

  • Keeping homes safe
  • Blessing marriages
  • Bringing wealth
  • Ward off evil
  • Lead to treasure

Most people in Japan also view black cats crossing their paths as a good omen. In ancient Egypt, you would not convince anyone that the cats did not have powers to protect them from evil; one of the reasons they were treated with a lot of care and respect.

  1. Frogs

Surprisingly, frogs are also among the animals viewed as lucky. They have been known to represent success in careers, wealth, relationships, well-being, and health. Frogs embody blessings concerning fortune, potential, healing, development, fertility, and growth in many beliefs and cultures.

Some individuals report that once a lucky frog comes into a person’s life, it is a sign of transformation that will spark many beautiful changes. It has something to do with the incredible changes that toads go through, from when it hatches from an egg to becoming a fully-grown frog. The fact that, in most cases, frogs lay many eggs at a time symbolizes that they are bearers of good fortune.

Closing Remarks

It is interesting to learn about the various creatures believed to bring about good fortune. For domestic animals, you may want to keep some as pets to test out the theory and discover whether or not they will bring about good luck. You can plan to visit the wild animals either in their natural or artificial habitats to see if they will rub off great fortunes. While the list of good luck animals is long, above are a couple of well-known examples across the globe.

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