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Live Casino Gaming – The Technology that Makes It Possible

Last Updated on 2022/03/07

Among the recent offerings in online casinos, the live dealer section is considered one of the most entertaining and engaging.

Compared to traditional casino games, a live casino game lets you play blackjack or baccarat against a human dealer, in real-time. Offered by top vendors like Playtech, Evolution, and Microgaming, this game lets you watch the shuffling of the cards or the throw of the dice in a dedicated table as it happens. In short, these games offer an authentic and engaging way to play casinos for real money. But have you ever wondered what makes these games run? Here’s a look at the top technologies that make live dealer gambling possible in top casinos.

Bespoke studio and a Game Control Unit

In a live casino game, you become part of the actual game as it happens from a remote studio. The casino operator works with a software vendor that designs the game and streams it live from a remote and bespoke studio. For example, companies like Evolution host many of their live dealer games in studios based in Latvia. These studios are set in such a way that they look and feel like an actual casino floor with dedicated tables for blackjack, baccarat, and roulette. Also, each studio is run by professional human dealers who manage the games. In many online casinos, dealers speak in different languages, too, thus perfect for international players.

Also, live casino games are un by the Game Control Unit or GCU. Each casino table has one, and its size is comparable to that of a shoebox, but it has a huge role in running the show. The GCU works to encode the video that is streamed live to the preferred devices of casino players.

Multiple Cameras and the Optical Character Recognition or OCR

Players can watch and participate in live dealer games through the help of multiple cameras installed in these studios. These cameras capture all activities on the dedicated tables. Players can follow the shuffling of the cards and the rolling of the roulette ball as it settles in a slot. Aside from the cameras, there’s also the Optical Character Recognition or OCR at work.

This technology monitors the gambling room in coordination with the cameras. It captures the raw game data and analyzes the suits, cards, dice, and symbols. Then, it cross-references with the rapid response quick lookup database and shows the results on the screen. This is the reason why players get real-time data when playing a live casino game. And this is the data that help players make informed betting decisions in an online casino.

This technology is also helpful in settling player disputes and complaints. In case of concerns, the operator can contact the game provider and they can check through the data captured by the OCR in multiple ways. It’s possible because the cameras and the OCR track every move of the cards, the ball, or even the dealer’s actions.

Augmented Reality or AR

This is another popular technology that is used by several game designers. Like Virtual Reality (VR), AR allows the players to experience the live casino games in a different and more immersive way. In live dealer games that run on AR, players can enjoy ultra-realistic graphics for a more enjoyable gambling experience. This technology is now present in the live dealer versions of blackjack, baccarat, and roulette.

First Person and Game Shows which are proprietary products of top vendors

Many software vendors today are in the business of further improving the live dealer casino experience. To improve the gambling services, new and proprietary products are offered like ‘Go Live’ and the ‘First Person’ game concepts. This feature offers players a more immersive experience when playing a live dealer game. For example, by clicking the button, you are transported directly into the live version of the game. In short, the player becomes a character in the game and takes part in the adventure. Another variation of the technology is the First-Person Baccarat or Blackjack which is designed by some vendors. If you play this game, you become part of the game. Thanks to the technology, the players’ options are expanded with the chance to shuffle the cards, sort tables, or deal the free hands.

Live casino gaming redefines the way we play games online. It offers an immersive experience and players get more opportunities to join the process and make informed betting decisions. All these are possible with these current technologies that run the show, as described here. It is not a comprehensive list, and we can expect more innovation to happen as players demand more entertainment.

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