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At Mwc 2022, Honor Announces The Global Launch Of The All-new Honor Magic4 Series

Last Updated on 2022/03/01

Bolsters has released a new luxury smartphone, smartwatch, and earphones to provide The Power of Magic to people all across the world.

At Mobile World Congress 2022, global technology brand HONOR launched a brand-new line-up of premium items. The HONOR Magic4 Series, which includes the HONOR Magic4 and the HONOR Magic4 Pro, is the most recent addition to HONOR’s flagship smartphone series. The cutting-edge technology in the innovative new smartphones will provide fresh breakthroughs in smartphone design, display, photography, videography, performance, and privacy. HONOR also unveiled the HONOR Watch GS 3 and HONOR Earbuds 3 Pro, expanding its smart life product lineup.

“At HONOR, we’re continually asking ourselves, what can we do to alleviate consumer pain points and provide the greatest possible product experience?” “Our premium HONOR Magic Series is a true exhibition of our revolutionary technology, as well as a monument to our can-do spirit to consistently push industry benchmarks,” stated George Zhao, CEO of HONOR Device Co, Ltd. “The all-new HONOR Magic4 Series will be a pain point killer and give a magical experience to people all around the world, redefining excellence across design, display, camera, performance, and security.”

The All-New HONOR Magic4 Series is Here!

The all-new HONOR Magic4 Series offers a classic symmetrical design, a visual experience upgraded display, innovative photography and videography capabilities, greater performance, and extensive privacy features, bringing HONOR’s flagship Magic line-up to the next level.

A Quad-Curved Display in a Symmetrical Design

The HONOR Magic4 Pro has a symmetrical “Eye of Muse” design with a 6.81-inch LTPO Quad-Curved Display[2] and ultra-thin bezels for a completely immersive viewing experience and an extraordinarily comfortable grip.

The HONOR Magic4 Pro screen can show up to 1.07 billion colors and is DCI-P3 certified, resulting in clearer, more true-to-life colors and a more vibrant gaming experience. Each frame watched on the HONOR Magic4 Pro is more vibrant because of the HDR 10+ video source’s increased dynamic range and improved color presentation. The HONOR Magic4 Series uses a new generation LTPO display and HONOR MotionSync technology to give a smart refresh rate of 1Hz to 120Hz that responds to the environment. The HONOR Magic4 Series, which is powered by a new generation LTPO display and HONOR MotionSync technology, offers a clever refresh rate of 1Hz to 120Hz that adapts to diverse content types for better power efficiency and a smooth entertainment experience.

Based on MEMC technology, the HONOR Magic4 Pro also achieves automatic and real-time conversion from SDR to HDR, as well as an increased framerate with motion compensation, providing a more immersive and authentic viewing experience for all types of content, such as high-definition videos, high-tech graphics, movies, games, and more.

Ultra-Fusion Computational Photography with a Triple Camera

The HONOR Magic4 Pro sets industry standards with a powerful Triple Camera combination that includes a 50MP Wide Camera with a 1/1.56-inch color sensor[4], a 50MP 122o Ultra-Wide Camera, and a 64MP[5] Periscope Telephoto Camera, all powered by best-in-class Ultra-Fusion Computational Photography.

Multi-Camera Computational Photography allows for fusion throughout the whole focal length range, resulting in a superior image. With Computational Photography, the 50MP Wide Camera and the 50MP Ultra-Wide Camera give a 65 percent boost in image sharpness and clarity.

The 64MP Periscope Telephoto Camera achieves a 3.5x Optical Zoom and a 100x Digital Zoom by combining fusion computational photography with the wide camera, increasing image sharpness and clarity by 160 percent.

In addition, HONOR takes a step forward with better photography and video recording. The HONOR Magic4 Pro can capture really high-quality photographs while taking videos, thanks to HONOR’s Dual Chain Computational Photography and Videography Algorithm, which is not restricted by the video recording quality, as is usual in other smartphones.

Magic-Log Movie Master for Cinematic Videography

The HONOR Magic4 Series includes the HONOR Magic-Log Movie Master and AI Film Effects, which provide cinematic-level video. The HONOR Magic4 Series now offers the industry’s first 10-bit Log 4K video recording at 60fps (frames per second), eclipsing another industry standard.

The Log format, which is commonly used to film professional-grade movies, allows users to improve the appearance of their videos by adding cinematic color tones in HDR clarity. The HONOR Magic4 Series with its Magic-Log format, which is equipped with Cinematic 3D LUT (Look Up Table) capabilities, allows users to edit their films in superior color hues appropriate for the movies, allowing emerging producers to apply Hollywood style colors and moods to their work.

Color, cost, and availability are all factors to consider

The HONOR Magic4 series is now available in an all-new gorgeous Cyan and an exquisite Gold hue, in addition to Black and White.
HONOR’s great knowledge in workmanship and lengthy history in making aesthetically attractive goods with a premium design is shown by these premium hues. More colors will be released in the near future.

Starting in Q2 of 2022, the HONOR Magic4 Series will be released.

The HONOR Magic4 will be available for €899 (8 GB+256 GB) while the HONOR Magic4 Pro will be available for €1099 (8 GB+256 GB).

HONOR also introduced the HONOR Watch GS 3 which is inspired by traditional mechanical watches. Exuding an elegant and stylish design with the use of quality materials like 316L stainless steel. The watch is designed to be worn comfortably all day long, weighing just 44g and measuring 10.5mm. It will come in three colors: Midnight Black, Ocean Blue, and Classic Gold.

Midnight Black, Ocean Blue, and Classic Gold are the three colors available for the HONOR Watch GS 3. The HONOR Watch GS 3 will cost €229. The availability of the product will be disclosed at a later time.

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