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China to introduce new tighter limits on skyscrapers

Last Updated on 2021/10/28

The Chinese government has banned the construction of buildings taller than 250 meters in cities with fewer than 3 million inhabitants.

Skyscrapers above 150 meters will be restricted, while those higher than 250 meters will be banned in urban centers with less than 3 million.

This is not the first time that Chinese regulators have stepped in to limit the height of skyscrapers. In July the National Development and Reform Commission of China banned the construction of buildings higher than 500 meters and limited the construction of those higher than 250.

New stricter regulations also the construction of buildings taller than 100 meters. The regulations also require new anti-seismic measures and analysis of whether the skyscraper can match the capacity of emergency and fire departments in the cities where they are located.

In China, there are multiple mega-towers, such as the famous Shanghai Tower, a 128-story, 632-meter-tall building, the second tallest in the world.

For years China has also been a sort of eldorado for architects’ studios from all over the world to experiment with new technological and architectural solutions.

In May, SEG Plaza, a 300-meter-high building in Shenzhen suddenly began to oscillate, triggering panic and the evacuation of the area. The oscillation was later found to have been triggered by a combination of strong winds, the underground rail line, and unstable temperatures.

In recent years, the Chinese government has taken a negative view of these architectural solutions, calling them “vanity projects” that waste resources.

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