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Flashforge Announced New Enclosed FDM 3D Printer – Adventurer 4

Flashforge has developed a new 3D printer for its FDM lineup – Adventurer 4. Besides the many features following on from the previous Adventurer 3, Adventurer 4 refreshes itself with more characteristics, among which the most notable one maybe its large build volume.

Priced at US 799 dollars, Adventurer 4 is available for pre-order beginning today on It is a fantastic desktop FDM 3D printer for the level of features in there.

Aside from the originally installed 0.4mm-240℃ nozzle, Adventurer 4 also has a 0.4mm-265℃ nozzle in the package box. The nozzles feature a one-push-to-release system so that users can swap one to the other quickly. Use the 240℃ nozzle for PLA printing, and swap to the  265℃ nozzle for other printing materials requiring higher temperature.

Pre-order bonus: The above nozzles besides, consumers purchasing Adventurer 4 during the pre-order period would also get a 0.3mm-240℃ nozzle, a 0.6mm-265℃ nozzle, and a flexible spring sheet kit. Different nozzle choices in diameter (0.3/0.4/0.6mm) and in temperature (240℃/265℃)!

Enclosed unit with larger print space

Following on from its smaller sibling – the Adventurer 3, Adventurer 4 is a fully enclosed unit. An enclosed workspace helps a lot in preventing unwanted airflow and dust, keeping a warm environment inside, hence improving output effects.

The feature of the big and fully enclosed workplace of Adventurer 4 is possibly one of users’ favorite. A lot of AD3 users were asking for a bigger print volume, hereafter the Adventurer 4 made it, not only getting a bigger build volume (250mmx220mmx200mm) but also adding a HEPA 13 filter and an enlarged spool holder able to hold 1-kilogram filament spools.

The Adventurer 4s HEPA 13 filter is going to filter out pollutants from the inside, which is important if you’re printing things like ABS. With Adventurer 4, you’ve got a cleaner environment free from contaminants like dust or stingy odors.

Specially designed build Platform

Applying a CNC-made bottom frame, the 8 mm aluminum plate is super-flat, ensuring no deformation in long-time high temp work. On the top of the aluminum plate is the magnetic surface plate that has a slight flex in it and users can pop the printed models straight off.

For leveling, Adventurer 4 adopts the nine-point calibration setting, a leveling-free system that allows user not to manually level the build plate. Users just tap the button on-screen to finish leveling.

Newly iterated Flashforge Slicer

The newly iterated FlashPrint (slicer software version 5.1.1) makes Adventurer 4 incredibly impressive! FlashPrint5.1.1 allows users to monitor and manage multiple 3D printers. An attractive feature of AD4 is the Time-lapse video. The on-board webcam of Adventurer 4 helps users to view the printing process online remotely on their computer and in real-time, while the time-lapse function tap on, the whole printing can be saved as videos on the Adventurer 4 3D printer. After the print is finished, users can watch the videos on the printer or copy the video files to computer.

Application of Adventurer 4

Adventurer 4 supports multiple materials, better catering for the print needs of 3D designers and structural engineers. It could be used for prototype verification, to test models in outlooks, structural features, etc. Once tested well, the prototypes could be applied for small-volume business production.

Adventurer 4 is suitable for education as well. A good 3D printer would be helpful a lot in sparking students’ creativity and imagination in the classroom. Also, Adventurer 4 is wonderful for household use. Users could print some daily necessities like laundry racks, cups, vases, table lamps, and toys.

About Flashforge

FlashForge – producing both consumer-level and professional-industrial 3D printers – is popular in the global 3D printing industry over past years. With growing R&D competence and stronger production power, Flashforge is dedicated to providing reliable machines and services to 3D printing customers.

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