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Will China Ever Adopt Casinos Like Vegas?

Nevada’s, or more specifically Las Vegas’ gambling industry is one that can easily rival Hollywood.

As one of the biggest industries in the USA, it brings profits worth billions to states and the country every year. Those megastructures in Vegas cost as much as a space rocket, but investors usually break profit in just a few years.

Many have tried to replicate Vegas’ success. Some countries and cities have made solid progress, others have failed. Macau and China are definitely in the former group, with the Chinese city becoming the world’s high-roller gambling capital, taking Vegas’s crown.

Race for Supremacy…and Profits

The race between China and USA is on different levels, not just economy. China wants a piece of the gambling cake, but it has had trouble replicating Vegas’ success in the past. Until around a decade or so ago. Macau was already a popular, glamorous destination before, but in the past few decades, it truly exploded. Thanks to high-quality resorts that are bigger and better than their Vegas counterparts, the Macau gambling industry is 7 times larger than Last Vegas.

Many of Macau’s top gambling resorts are directly owned through Vegas groups. Read the best casino reviews and you can easily find a high roller venue in the popular Chinese city. The Chinese are working around the clock to build megastructures that can throw a shade on American culture, and casinos in Macau are a big part of it.

The ones built so far are pretty glamorous. They offer hundreds or thousands of slots and tables that can rival Vegas casinos. To be honest, casinos such as The Venetian Macau may even surpass some venues in Vegas thanks to the sheer size and first-class reputation and service. If you’re a high roller looking to spend big on casino games, Macau is the perfect choice.

New projects have already been announced for casinos that can become the world’s top gambling venues. It’s great for Macau and solid competition for Vegas. However, for all the megastructures they built, Macau is still a far way off from being seen in the same light as Vegas.

A Bright Future

There’s no question that Macau will get bigger and better in the future. It may never hit Vegas heights, but it still has a slew of great casino venues with games and hospitality that some Nevada establishments can never offer.

Even if it never reaches those highs, some competition is healthy. Vegas joints can get stale in terms of service, and with many high rollers flocking to the Chinese city, it can push its counterparts to develop further.

Asia will continue doing its best to compete with Vegas. In 2018, a project named Hoiana was started in Vietnam. A luxury casino resort that will cover over 10 sq. km., Hoiana’s worth is projected at $4 billion. It remains to be seen if it’ll be every bit of a deluxe experience as promised and if it can finally put Asia on the map of world’s top gambling destinations.

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