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Inspiring Couples Through Chinese Wedding Tradition

Last Updated on 2021/09/06

Chinese couples across the world are becoming increasingly reluctant to tie the knot.

In China itself, CNN reports that the number of new married couples has fallen by a huge 41% over the past year, with millennials simply not interested in getting married. Perhaps one way to encourage new marriages is through calling on tradition. As with every culture, Chinese weddings have their own curious nature and can serve as inspiration for those couples who are trying to find reasons as to why they should make their bond a permanent one.

Old traditions

Most wedding ceremonies are rooted in tradition and Chinese weddings are no different. One key aspect of the Chinese wedding is a long-standing tie with history and sustainability. According to SCMP, you’ll see ancient rites, like the use of firecrackers; the ringing of a gong; and drums. These hark back to the old green days of the Chinese dynasties and are a key part of the day. This is a good excuse to try and have an environmentally-positive wedding – why not host the ceremony and celebrations with a strong focus on the outdoors? This can help to invoke the green landscapes of China and, by using sustainable materials, you can help to chip in and preserve the ecosystems of the planet.

The betrothal

One of the sweetest parts of the wedding ceremony is, according to, the betrothal. This is typically when small gifts, such as tea leaves, gold jewelry, dragon sculptures and phoenix wax candles are given by the groom to the bride. These are then returned in half by the bride, a symbol of their everlasting love and commitment to one-another. While less important today in terms of the utility of the gifts, it’s an important and cherished moment in which couples express joint commitment to one another. Modern couples are increasingly in touch with their emotional side and looking to show this – providing inspiration this way can be a good way to show them how positive the process can be.

Costume changes

In some cultures, it’s not acceptable for the bride to change out of the gown until the day is over. Not so in China, where, according to, wardrobe changes are not only expected but frequent, too.The day and the evening are vastly different experiences, and millennials might be encouraged to know that they don’t have to spend all day in their stuffy dress. To the contrary, there are plenty of reasons to change and keep the white dress in perfect condition – ready for the closet, where it’ll stand as a memory. That makes the prospect of drunk dancing, later on in the evening, far more appealing for brides.

The modern Chinese wedding is sustainable, friendly, fun and above all full of sentiment. The youngest generations are understandably not keen on marriage. Showing them how fun it can be could be a way forward to prepare them for the future and to tie the knot.

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