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A Modern Guide To The American Dream

Chinese migrants heading across the Pacific to the USA are nothing new.

According to PBS, Chinese immigrants have been a feature of the American public ever since the 1850s, when they were advantageously placed to make a run at the California gold rush. Of course, the Chinese migrant of today is a lot different to those in the 1850s, and as the USA-Russia-China cold war continues to broaden in extent and severity, many would-be immigrants are necessarily asking questions about how exactly moving to the USA goes in 2021.

Immigration law

 The modern landscape for China-US immigration largely relies on employment, according to Migration Policy. 30% of Chinese citizens in the USA have gained citizenship through Green Card-based employment routes, with the remainder gaining the right to remain as asylum applicants or family members of established persons. As a result, it’s important to retain an immigration lawyer experienced in China-US applications before making plans to move across the Pacific. There is good news – Chinese workers are typically educated in skills that are sorely needed in the US labor market. There is currently a broad skills gap through the country that is increasingly being met through skilled migrant labor. As a result, it’s unlikely that an appropriate application will be rejected at the current time – assuming it’s made in a timely fashion to fit under the relevant visa caps.

Finding Chinese communities

The USA has Chinese communities in each of its climates and subregions. Aside from New York, the west coast has the classic population centers; Los Angeles, San Francisco and San Jose boast the majority of America’s Chinese population among them. However, as Pew Research outlines, there are big populations in less obvious areas of the country. Boston, Seattle, Washington, Chicago and Houston are a smattering of cities, spread from north to south, where a Chinese migrant could reliably find some home comforts if they wanted to put their roots down.

Chinese history

For Chinese migrants looking to explore the history of their countrymen in the USA, CNN provides a broad outline of the sites that tell the story of Chinese migration to America – first those being welcomed, and then later shunned. Angel Island, in San Francisco, offers a poignant memory of the past. The Wing Luke Museum of the Asian Pacific American Experience in Seattle offers a more optimistic and positive experience, pointing to the collaborative history of China and the USA from the 1970s onwards. For Chinese migrants looking to learn about what they’re moving into and how things went before their arrival in the USA, these are great opportunities.

The modern path for migration from China to the USA is a little more simple than in the past. In fact, it follows the same route that migrants from all over the world take every single year. That means greater opportunity, and an opportunity to meet up with Chinese communities long established in the USA – and perhaps to even learn a bit of history.

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