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What are the most popular niches on Instagram?

Are you looking to starting marketing your brand on Instagram but aren’t too sure which niche you fall part of? Do you want to have a successful business account on Instagram but haven’t yet found you niche?

Instagram is now one of the most popular social media platforms in the world, with a monthly active user count of over 1 billion. It’s only natural that marketers are starting to shift their focus from Facebook and Twitter to Instagram as well. For those who want to get ahead in this space it can be difficult to know where to start- what niches should you target? What hashtags work best? The answer is not always straightforward. With so much information out there, it can be hard for new users and even seasoned professionals alike. One of the things that make this social media platform attractive is the use of hashtags and finding the most relevant ones for your business. If it was so easy to find them, everybody would be useful and popular. But luckily there are tools that can help a lot and one of them is Task Ant, an Instagram hashtag generator that finds the best hashtags for your account and grows your audience successfully. This audience will be even more engaged if you have already chosen your niche and are making creative content in this field.

There are a variety of niches on Instagram, but what are the most popular ones?

Through research it has been discovered that there are two main categories; fashion and food. Fashion is by far the most popular niche on Instagram with around 8 million posts per day. Food have about 3 million posts per day which is still a lot considering its not nearly as big as the fashion industry. If you are new to Instagram and looking to have a successful account, here are some of the most popular niches you could consider joining.


These days many people are becoming a lot more health conscious and this include the health of their body and not just their meals. This means that a lot more people are starting to become interested in various different forms of exercise and are looking for different forms of inspiration that they can find on Instagram.

There are so many different fitness influencers out there on Instagram today and its not surprising that people seem to be eating up their content. A lot of these users post content about how to lose weight very quickly or how to gain muscles quickly. However, there are also a lot of influencer who show users the reality of trying to lose weight and encourage body transformation to be a slow process. People enjoy this niche, not only because they get to learn a bunch of different exercise routines for free, but they also get to be motivated by different users and their progress.


One of the most popular niches that you can find on Instagram today is food. Basic human function says that we all need food to go along with our days and have the basic nutrition that we need in order to fully function. However, this is not what food Instagram is all about. It is actually about creating the most amazing and mouth-wateringly good recipes, or eating the most delicious foods that the most outrageous restaurants.

These days people have become more interested in the art of food and appreciated it for more than its nutrition. So many businesses and brands can benefit from this from restaurants, to food stores, to even review businesses that spend their time reviewing different foods.


For the longest time, art was something that required a steady hand and quite a lot of skill and practice. Although photography is not necessarily as easy as it looks, it is much easier to learn the function of a camera than it is to practice for years and years with a pencil. Photography is the new age of modern art and is quickly becoming very popular on Instagram.

For those who have small photography businesses, or are freelance photographers, Instagram is a great place to promote your business and your work because of the fact that it is a visual platform.


Moving into a digital era, it is now a lot easier for artists to showcase their work to the world though social media, Instagram in particular. Art is an incredible way to create an emotional feeling and a lot of people are taking advantage of that on Instagram. Again, because Instagram is a visual platform, it makes it a great place for artists to show off their work and even sell it to the public.

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