The Online Gambling Market Growth and the effects of mobile technology in China

Traditional casinos in Las Vegas experienced a dramatic drop in revenues in 2020. The entire industry in general was badly impacted by the pandemic. The gaming industry this year outperformed traditional entertainment industries, such as movies and sports. The latter has been particularly affected by the COVID-19 pandemic. This has not been the case for virtual casinos that have instead seen a significant increase in their revenues.

Online casinos during the pandemic have offered an effective and safe alternative to traditional casinos through technological innovation. According to the report “Online Gambling Market – Forecasts from 2020 to 2025“, the global online gambling market is expected to grow at 7.13% to reach a total market size of US$66.994 billion in 2025.

New Communication Technologies for Online Casinos

The development of new technologies, apps, and software for online casinos has allowed easy communications between many users who can communicate with each other via chat. In addition, it is possible to challenge any player from one part of the world to another, or to participate in poker or roulette tables with people thousands of miles away at the click of a button. The new communication technologies of top Australian online casino have definitely improved the gaming experience, contributing positively to the increase in users.

Convenience and savings for players

Online casino United States offer a number of advantages that traditional casinos do not. First and foremost are the bonuses and redemption offers. Additionally, you don’t need to leave your apartment to play online games, saving time and money. Just a simple click and you can play from the comfort of your couch at home.

China’s data and the mobile industry

Until a few years ago, the mobile technology market was divided between two nations: Samsung in South Korea and Apple in the US. Today, these two big giants have been succeeded by new Chinese players like Huawei, Oppo, and Xiaomi. The data show the rapid growth of the use of smartphones in China. Due to this significant industry growth in the Asian country, there has been a strong demand for apps that can meet the needs of Chinese users. More than 60% of the total earnings from online gaming come from Chinese users: more than half a billion people play online. 95% of the Chinese population uses the internet only through smartphones. China dominates the online gaming market, with a turnover of over 23 billion dollars per year.

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