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How Covid-19 changed the gaming industry

Covid-19 has helped to accelerate the already ongoing process of transformation of some industries, such as gaming, not only from a technological but also from a marketing and regulatory perspective. 

Due to this growth, the sector must be ready for new formidable challenges and an exponential increase in consumer demands. The industry has to adapt to these consumption habits.

For the gaming industry, the majority of the 2021 revenues will come from the online sector, thanks also to the efforts of many operators who have offered innovative and new experiences, retaining new customers in the pandemic phase. At they have listed the best online casino for 2021.

The goal is to defend and increase the $66.7 billion earned by 2020. What has emerged in the pandemic is that those who had little market now have a massive internet presence.

The new watchword is accessibility: mobile, tablets, smartphones, applications designed and developed for a tailor-made experience. This is not just technological innovation, but also regulatory, marketing, branding, and organizational innovation. Variation is the only way for operators to change and transform the gaming experience. A purely cultural transformation. 

Another step has been the advent and impact of Virtual Reality, a computer-generated experience in which a person can interact within an artificial environment using electronic devices. A number of major operators have invested significant resources in this promising technological sector, to improve its realism and general user experience, while at the same time trying to eliminate certain criticalities. Geolocation and tracking technology, has also proved to be suitable tools for the growth of operators, giving platforms the ability to locate players precisely. Online casino gambling will also be changed by this evolution.

The main target, however, is to enhance security in order to offer total protection to the player. This is achieved through the adoption of technologies such as encryption, behavioral analysis, generating virtual tokens for the player to verify their identity.

Another step that is generally adopted for data protection is their encryption and their maintenance on the cloud by relying on trusted cybersecurity companies.

One problem gripping the digital industry is that of data loss. Therefore, new technologies have been created over the years to prevent these kinds of problems and to protect customer data. This type of technology allows for secure transmissions and transactions.

Another measure often used by numerous companies to enforce security measures is deep learning. Similar to what happens with behavior analytics, this technology focuses on unusual user behaviors.

New marketing, spiced up by new payment methods such as Bitcoin, accompanied by Litecoin, and so on. All in all, these are new business models that will make operators more effective and efficient.

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