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5 Best casino movies

Casino entertainment has recently become very popular among people across the globe. There are several ways to experience exciting and relaxing atmosphere of brick-and mortar places.

One can not only play casino games, but also achieve that authentic feeling, while watching a good movie about casino. On this page, we have therefore listed the very best casino movies of all time with some brief information about them.

Casino Royale

Casino Royale is a newer version of a James Bond film that was shot in 1967. The film’s plot in short is that James Bond goes on a mission without having received his license to kill.

The mission is in Madagascar and takes place to a large extent in a casino where James Bond has the mission to spy on a terrorist, but Bond is deprived of the mission when he gets too close to him and that is when Bond decides to take matters into his own hands.

Mission here is to fix the money he owes to a mafia organization by playing poker with very high stakes.


The movie Casino is a classic that came out in 1995 with Robert De Niro, Sharon Stone and Joe Pesci in the leading roles. The film’s plot is a reality — based story about two friends who built an empire in Las Vegas where one worked as the manager of the casino and the other became Las Vegas’ biggest mafia boss.

The film takes place in 1973 in the city of Las Vegas and is based on the novel of the same name written by Nicholas Pileggi. A film about power, money, friendship, casino and of course a woman!


In the third place among the best casino films, we choose to put the film Rounders which premiered in 1998.

This casino film tells the story of a man who was forced to stop playing but who again must enter the game in an attempt to save a very dear friend from repaying his debts that he owes.

Rounders were directed by John Dahl and actors include Matt Damon and Edward Norton, Gretchen Mol and John Malkovich. Rounders is a film in the genre crime / drama, so if you are looking for a casino film that also is exciting you have your evening saved with Rounders.

Ocean’s trilogy

Ocean’s Eleven, Twelve & Thirteen are three newer classics starring Matt Damon, Andy Garcia, Brad Pitt, George Clooney & Julia Roberts.

In the first film the gangster Danny Ocean gathers a gang to rob three large & well-known casinos successfully, in the second film Danny and his gang are planning new coups but this time it is in different places around Europe and meanwhile waiting casino owner Terry who the gang robbed in the first movie of his revenge.

In the third movie, the gang gathers once again to make this time their most risky casino coup ever. Three “must see” classics!


The movie 21 is of course about the card game Blackjack. The film is inspired by the infamous MIT team of 6 students from the USA who from the beginning in 1978 until the 21st century cheated casinos around the world by counting cards at the blackjack tables. In the movie, Ben plays the lead role as a student at MIT University in Boston but that would like to study at the Harvard School of Medicine to become a doctor.

To be able to do that, however, he must raise more than 30.000 dollars and that is when he gets in touch with Professor Mickey who sees that Ben has a mathematical talent and therefore recruits him to his team to count cards.

Good movie with great acting can easily inspire one to give a try to a gambling world. Nowadays, when modern technology allows us to play on the go, there is no need to leave your house anymore. However, online entertainment can be very exciting, it is very important to remember to choose only online sites with good reputation. There are sites like Casino Goose, with a team of experienced gamblers behind it. Casino enthusiasts review all the more secure places to play in order to protect players and to make sure you gamble experience will be only positive.

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