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Detective Chinatown 3 continues to top China box office

Last Updated on 2021/02/15

(Xinhua) Detective Chinatown 3 led China’s box office on Saturday, raking in more than 807 million yuan (125.3 million US dollars), or nearly 60 percent of the daily total.

The latest installment in Wanda Pictures’ well-received detective film franchise, Detective Chinatown 3 has generated a box office revenue of over 1.82 billion yuan since its debut on Friday, or the Chinese Lunar New Year, according to data from the China Movie Data Information Network.

Coming in second was time travel comedy Hi, Mom, which grossed 298 million yuan and contributed more than 20 percent to the total takings.

Fantasy thriller A Writer’s Odyssey ranked third, generating a revenue of about 82 million yuan.

Source: Xinhua | Updated: 2021-02-15 11:02 

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