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‘Sisters’ returning to empower older women in 2nd season

(China Daily) The second season of the reality show Sisters Riding the Winds and Breaking the Waves, where 30-to 50-something female contestants vie for a spot in a singing and dancing performance group, will be released on Jan 22.

The show’s first season, which notched up over 5 billion views on the video-streaming platform Mango TV, was surely among the hottest topics of China’s entertainment industry last year.

This year, the show, gathering 30 female celebrities including singers Na Ying, 53, Yang Yuying, 49, Zhou Bichang, 35, and Jike Junyi, 32, as well as actresses Jin Qiaoqiao, 45, and Wang Ou, 38, will keep showcasing the charm and grace of women over 30.

Besides, the show has also initiated an online activity to collect touching stories of female role models from various walks of life, prompting netizens to recommend excellent women around them.

Source: | Updated: 2021-01-21 17:21 

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