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Business trends that shape the new gaming experience

Last Updated on 2020/11/09

With virtual reality shaking up and changing the way we experience gaming, it’s an excellent time to see and review the tech gaming progress over the last ten years.

A decade ago, players were still favouring consoles, and online games were considered to be just a social media pastime. While the gaming industry consists of the same franchises and big names, now it looks much more different and diverse. We noticed a lot of innovations, both big and small in the last decade, but the next ones are the reasons why gaming in 2020 is a lot different than in 2010.

Free to Pay and Play Games

As more and more games have launched and entered in the gaming space, consumers have been increasingly wary of spending their money on the best titles. This led to the introduction of the Free to Play model, which publishers have used to lift the price barrier on their games to draw new players. This type of games can be very beneficial to introduce a story or a brand if they’re marketed in the right way. Popular games nowadays actively require payments after players have reached a certain point and level. In the and, some free games end up costing more than a full-priced version. Taking advantage of the free to play model is proof that the gaming industry still needs to find better placement solutions, moving forward.

Streaming games

Google, Microsoft and other gaming companies and startups are in a continuous race to make video games as easy as possible to stream and play, as we’re able to do that with Spotify and Netflix. Allowing people to stream games without the need of owning a computer or a console promises to transform the industry. Many people would be eager to try and play more games if there’s no need to buy additional hardware or download packages. Players would not have to worry about downloads, installations or storage space. They could also have their games on the go while using their portables and leveraging the advantage of the 5G network.

Improved storytelling and design

Games created with a big budget and complicated sequels have started to look upon blockbuster movies thanks to the advantages of graphical design and advanced gaming hardware. While some critics have labelled the new gaming platforms as too cinematic, they’ve proven to be an innovative way to educate and inform the broader audience, while telling the story on a much different, layered way. The blend between film and gaming industry led to creating fusions of styles and characters. Titles such as Bioshock or The Witcher tell stories with the nuance and sophistication of the best Hollywood blockbusters.  

Merchandising and regulations

Like movies, the video game industry tries to spin more revenue off its intellectual properties, because the product itself would become more sustainable in the long run. Merchandising is already here, with t-shirts, albums and toys being quite popular on the market. The challenge is to create and obtain a pop-culture concept using the latest tech tools of marketing.

Having on mind that this industry might be worth over 90 billion by the end of 2020, it’s no wonder that regulators and lawmakers are interested in controlling and regulating the flow of the work. Video games will likely be more regulated and managed on the market in the upcoming years, as regulators target big tech companies like Amazon, Facebook and Apple. We’re aware that these companies handle large ecosystems of user data and privacy processes. Here we’ll mention the rise of the online casino brands and companies, paying extra attention to compliance and regulations when it comes to game providers, games in general and their offers. Have a look at some of top searched slot reviews at SlotsWise and compare how this industry has reinvented its operating concept. Lawmakers already discuss ways to regulate loot boxes and esports. Here are the so-called micro-transactions in in-games, such as purchasing extra lives or collectables. If these are adequately communicated with 


The gaming industry has always been a subject of innovation. New technology, controls and experiences are to be expected. New technology, management and experiences are to be expected. As the world turns more to mobile experiences, streaming services and mobile phone games become an important area for revenue, and large tech companies will continue to leverage their current framework to get involved. Perhaps the most exciting change in the video game industry is the expansion in the players’ demographics. With more people engaging in games on a daily basis, the demand for more immersive entertainment and experience is greater than ever before. The future sure looks bright, as both sides from a perspective of a player and a provider work hard on enabling seamless access to games.

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