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10 Traditional Chinese Foods Every Traveller Should Try

Last Updated on 2023/11/01

Want to try the Chinese delicacies but aren’t sure where to start? Now this is not a problem. Here are ten traditional Chinese foods you should try.

Traditional Chinese food is famous for its variety and abundance of flavor combinations. Many people have visited local Chinese restaurants at least once, but they are more like an imitation of the national gastronomic flavor. If you ever visit China, then you should try these ten traditional Chinese foods.

Spinach Noodles

This is a popular Chinese dish that consists of homemade noodles, beef, eggs, and potatoes. Spinach and tomato sauce make up the common Basis that adds spice to the whole dish. It is best to try this dish in China, but you can also find good restaurants in the USA, but you are guaranteed to get many positive emotions because the dishes are very tasty and high in calories.

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Stir-Fried Shaanxi Pasta

This dish also includes pasta and meat as its main ingredient. As a rule, vegetables are added here that are pre-fried and have a crispy crust. This dish is a very satisfying and invigorating option for lunch or dinner, combined with finely chopped slices and a pleasant sauce. You can also ask for a little more vegetables to balance the diet.

Barbecue Street Meat Kebabs

Chinese street food is very diverse, and the meat kebab point is one of the ingredients that will appeal to you first. Usually, the kebab consists of chicken, pork, lamb, or beef. Individual pieces are finely chopped and strung on a wooden skewer. Meat is pre-marinated or seasoned with various spices and dried herbs. As soon as you taste this meat, you will be surprised as much as possible by its tenderness and multi-layered flavor.

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Cold Vegetable Dish

Most Chinese dishes are heat-treatable. This option is no exception, but it is served cold. As a rule, it is a kind of salad with beans, lotus root, cabbage, and finely chopped cucumbers. The general range of products is mixed with a special sauce or marinade. Typically, many cafes and restaurants add tofu cheese or some peanuts to complement the flavor. It is very easy and, at the same time, a great breakfast option because it is very rich in vitamins, which is an integral part of every Chinese diet.

Stinky Tofu

This dish can give you a double impression If you are traveling in China. On the one hand, it has a very unpleasant and specific smell. You most likely think that you are passing by a garbage dump. Nevertheless, the taste of the dish will allow you to change your mind by 100%. As a rule, this delicacy is served with cheese, herbs, and special spices.


At first glance, these dumplings are not much different from the classic version available to any American. Nevertheless, appearances are deceiving. The Chinese use different types of meats and spices to give this product an incredible flavor. Some dumplings consist of three or even four types of meat and special plants. It is best to use a special black vinegar, chili sauce, or special herb to create a rich bouquet of flavors.

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Mutton & Bread Stew

These delicious lamb stews are in a traditional broth with slices of bread and spices. You will love this option as it has a wonderful aroma and a mild aftertaste. The meat is very tender because the Chinese boil it until you can separate fibers.

Chinese Hamburger

Have you ever tried a Chinese burger? If not, then you should do it. A huge plus is that the bun is baked in a special clay oven. You can also count on meat, cardamom, and various spices as the filling. This is a very tasty dish.

Cold Tofu and Pineapple Aloe Vera

Cold tofu cheese is the best snack on a hot day. As a rule, it is served with a special sauce and pineapple pieces. If you are ready to try Aloe Vera, you should dip a small piece in the sauce and taste it; don’t rush and let your taste buds feel it.

Yak Meat Dumplings

It is not yet dumplings which are interesting because they consist of Tibetan Yak meat. If you use soy sauce, coriander, and additional spices with your meals, you will experience an incredible range of flavors.

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