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China’s First “Space Noodles” Debuts in Shanghai Master Kong Joins Hands with CSF to Open Another New Chapter

Last Updated on 2020/10/31

Recently, with China’s first Mars probe “Tianwen 1” having reached a flight mileage of 100 million kilometers, the record for China’s deep space exploration mileage has thus been broken.

During the constant development of the aerospace undertakings such as Beidou satellite and navigation networking, Chang’e moon probe activities, return of Long March 5 series launch vehicle, new spacecraft launch and Mars exploration, Master Kong has built the closest relationship with the aerospace industry as a domestic instant noodle brand, and its braised beef noodles and express noodles have become the first space noodles served in China.

To jointly honor this historic moment, the “Quality Aerospace for Better Life-Master Kong Instant Noodle Ceremony & China Aerospace Partner Signing Ceremony” was co-held by Master Kong and China Space Foundation (CSF) on September 2, 2020, presented by leading representatives including Wu Zhijian, Chairman of CSF; Sun Baowei, former Secretary of the CPC Committee of China Xichang Satellite Launch Center; Wei Junxian, CEO of Tingyi (Cayman Islands) Holding Corp.; Chen Yingrang, Director of Master Kong Central Research Institute, and Huang Ziqiang, President of Master Kong Instant Noddle Business.

Becoming China’s first space noodles not only suggests a recognition of the brand, but more importantly, it brings about new possibilities for its long-term cooperation with China’s aerospace industry. While looking forward to cooperation in the next three years, both parties are willing to walk ahead hand in hand towards the realization of the “aerospace dream” and “Chinese Dream”, support the development of China’s aerospace industry and bring the fruits of the aerospace science and technology for the good of vast consumers.

The oath was read out in the ceremony by Wu Jie, former national astronaut of the first batch and Director of CSF Public Welfare Affairs Department, which signifies that Master Kong has lived up to expectations after three years of cooperation with CSF, and has vividly interpreted in its space noodles the aerospace quality and standards.

Chairman Wu Zhijian expressed his expectations for this initiative that “CSF and Master Kong have been working hand in hand for supporting the development of China’s aerospace undertaking in the past three years. Such three-year cooperation has not only injected aerospace elements of culture, quality and technology to the corporate development of Master Kong, but also enabled us to have a better understanding of the aspiration, dreams and pursuits of this brand. We will definitely upgrade the subjects of cooperation, optimize the contents of cooperation, expand the space for cooperation, work together to organically integrate Health China Initiative and the goal of building an aerospace powerhouse, and jointly contribute to the realization of the Chinese Dream for great national rejuvenation.”

Regarding the cooperation with CSF and becoming the first space noodles brand, Wei Junxian, Chief Executive Officer of Tingyi (Cayman Islands) Holding Corp. said, “As a national enterprise, Master Kong has all along been strengthening its efforts in keeping pace with the country’s development. Responding to China’s current endeavor in building a strong aerospace nation, our company proposes the one-two-three development strategy, namely, one system, two major actions and three structures, so as to facilitate the flourishing of China’s aerospace undertaking.”

Mr. Wei remarked that, since the food & beverage industry and aerospace industry both belong to the area of systems engineering, Master Kong has been learning the spirit of aerospace system management and transferred it in two concrete actions of facilitating the youth aerospace science education and constantly stepping up high-end R&D and achievement transformation.

In addition to learning the aerospace management system, Master Kong has also been actively exploring digital transformation. During the COVID-19 fight, we used digital tools to deliver the right products to the right people at the right time and at the right place, thus supplying hot noodles in the cold winter for many in need, especially for the frontline medical staff and the police; we have also carried out strategic cooperation with data companies such as Tencent and gradually realized data-empowered growth. As a famous company in the food manufacturing industry, Master Kong will embrace digital transformation in a more active manner, reshape and renovate business models, management models and development models, and work to unleash greater value in digital trends.”

Students who once participated in Master Kong Aerospace Science Exhibition were also invited to the event. These blithe and lovely kids are all “little fans” of aerospace and Master Kong. A pupil named Xu Linyi said, “Thanks to Master Kong for its holding of aerospace science popularization activities, we now feel no longer far away from space. I hope that Master Kong could continue carrying out such activities so that more children could learn about space and be closer to their aerospace dreams. I will also study hard and contribute to the aerospace undertaking of our country.”

After the event, Master Kong also held in great thoughtfulness the “First Class of Aerospace”, which invited Wu Jie, former national astronaut of the first batch as the lecturer to share his experiences of becoming an astronaut. Students from many schools, together with their parents attended the class either on site or online and listened to this Mr. Wu’s stories about space technology, space food and space spirit. These children were very happy to be in such close contact with him, saying that, “To think that I’ve met an astronaut!”; “I can’t believe there are so many delicious foods in space and I will study space food in the future.” The wonderful sharing of Wu Jie has also stimulated these children’s enthusiasm and interest in scientific exploration, as many said that they would like to be “space crew of the new era” in the future, or that even if they couldn’t become astronauts, they would like to work in the aerospace industry. Parents accompanying their children in attending the “class” said, “The first class of aerospace science is also very rewarding for adults, and we will fully support their aerospace dreams.”

Space noodle supply is merely the beginning of Master Kong’s aerospace dream. The continuous popularization of aerospace science, the unremitting aerospace food R&D, and the upgrading of the food safety system have all reflected Master Kong’s determination in building up China’s strength in aerospace and its confidence in pursuing quality excellence. Master Kong will continue to popularize aerospace science to enhance the bond between the next generation and the aerospace undertaking, inspiring the enthusiasm of youngsters in science, exploration and innovation and sowing the seed of “aerospace dream” in the hearts of more teenagers.

In the future, Master Kong will dive deeper into the aerospace spirit, work under the guidance of the “One-Two-Three Development Strategy”, and continue to carry out aerospace science popularization activities via internet technologies for even wider scope of people; meanwhile, by deepening industry-university-research cooperation, it will also work to promote the application of aerospace science and technology, speed up innovation and R&D by availing its advantages in aerospace technology and talents, continue to support China’s aerospace industry, and make Master Kong’s products part of a better life for the Chinese people.

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