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Go-Yunnan Launches 17 Themed Cultural Tourism Products

On July 18, sponsored by Yunnan Provincial Department of Culture and Tourism and organized by Yunnan Tengyun Information Co., Ltd., the “Friends of Yunnan” — Yunnan’s new cultural tourism products release press conference and the 2nd Campaign of the “Go-Yunnan” Global Experience Officer Program opening ceremony were held in the Colorful Yunnan Ancient Dian Town. 

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Tengyun, the creator and operator of the “Go-Yunnan” platform, for the first time launches a new product mix of 17 themes, including countryside, food and beverage, sports, festivals, history, culture, industry, research, cross-border tourism, meditation, travel photography, cities, recreational vehicles, ancient towns, variety arts, public welfare and IP. The new product mix is branded “Go-Yunnan New+”.

According to Fang Tengfei, CEO of Tengyun, the concept of the “Go-Yunnan New+” series is embodied by new understanding, new customer groups, new brand, new product assortment, new product form, new marketing strategy and new operation mechanism, which is intended to mirror freedom, novelty and action to raise the bar on cultural tourism products.

By leveraging the “Go-Yunnan” platform, Tengyun endeavors to explore new cultural tourism products and new marketing methods strategy in Yunnan, promote the products through innovative marketing models such as “travel first, pay later”, “pre-sale” and “satisfaction insurance.” It will tap into new customer groups, with a focus on middle and high-end self-guided tours, customized tours and small-group package tours, and provide satisfaction-guaranteed services, so as to bring tourists reassuring, comfortable travel experiences, help to create new products and new business mode, and to facilitate the transformation and upgrading of Yunnan’s cultural tourism.

In addition, to facilitate the new product promotion in brand new ways, “Go-Yunnan” also launches the Yunnan Tourism Innovation & Idol Sales program, which consists of “one new product design alliance”, “one group of chief experience officers”, “one group of celebrities to tour Yunnan”, “one series of live-streamed product promotion,”, and “one content co-creation to tell the stories of Yunnan”. 

At the same time, Tengyun will also establish a new product design alliance in joint efforts with its partners to scale new heights in the industry, academia, cultural tourism and the Internet, and provide well-organized support for the development of the new product mix and the creation of popular products for Yunnan’s cultural tourism.

Last Updated on 2020/08/07

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