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Asian bookies

Last Updated on 2020/06/30

Asia Bookmakers

Are you looking for the best Asian betting bookmarkers with the best odds and lines? There has been an increase in the number of companies in Asia that offers gamblers a chance to wager their money for higher stakes. Besides, the Asian bookmarkers that are currently in the market are way better than their European counterparts in terms of the online experience.

This is because most of them transitioned to online games over ten years ago, and they have better odds and lines that guarantee users of better chances of winning. Well, below are the top Asian bookmakers that deserve your attention.

Top 27 Asian Bookies of 2020

  1. Nova88
  2. Sbobet
  3. Betway
  4. Pinnacle88
  5. 10Bet
  6. 888sport
  7. Bet 365
  8. Bet Victor
  9. Betdaq
  10. Marathon Bet
  11. Bethard
  12. Smartkers
  13. RedZone
  14. SportsNation
  15. Unibet
  16. STS
  17. 1X bet
  18. Bet Winner
  19. Cloud Bet
  20. Intertops
  21. Betsson
  22. Dafabet
  23. BetWinner
  24. 22Bet
  25. Sports Betting
  26. SingBet
  27. BETISN

Comparison between Asia and Europe Bookmakers.

The main difference between Asian and European handicaps is that Asian operators offer you a refund when a match is fixed while the European counterparts withhold the funds if the match is fixed. Also, there is a regulation of bettors in Europe with the bookmakers sharing the information of each client.

On the other hand, Asian bookmakers do not share any client information, and therefore if any case of match-fixing occurs, then no account name is reported.

Also, Asian bookmakers usually have enormous stakes on big leagues though prices may vary depending on the volume. Most European bookmakers will reject tiny stakes of 10,000 euros even if it’s a premiership. Asian bookmakers do not also restrict their clients based on their game choice or winnings, which European operators do.

The European bookmakers can also trace the money of the gamblers, and they do allow card payments too. Asian operators have an agent system where users can gamble on large cash bets.

Regulation in the Asian and European gambling industry

The bottom-line for the European and Asian operators is that the latter operated based on anonymity. When there is less regulation, recording, and reporting of games, users have fewer risks in fixing a match. Asian bookmakers love anonymity, and the bettors wash money, fix matches, and even bet illegally. If this market was to be regulated, then the European market will enjoy a boost.

Though the government has banned URLs for illegal activities like file sharing, more fraud cases are still coming. The law also has loopholes since it has legalized the operations of the Asian bookmakers while making the act of betting illegal.

But Asian governments also have other ways of regulating this market, including charging high penalties to those operators who don’t divulge their users’ information and cases of match-fixing. As technology advances, it’ll become easier to crack the whip on those users engaging in match-fixing as this has a link to bigger crimes.

But with anonymity thriving in Asia, combating match-fixing will be a daunting task. Therefore, when you are gambling in any of these two countries, you should familiarize yourself with the rules and regulations. That way, you will avoid run-ins with the authorities.

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