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3 Main Topics of Microsoft MS-200 Exam That You Should Explore with the Help of Practice Tests Until August 2020

Microsoft has one of the popular certification programs, which gives the IT specialists an opportunity to improve their career paths and realize their dreams and wishes for a good job position.

And the associate-level credentials are among the most sought-after because they offer the candidates to choose the track they want to pay all their attention and increase their knowledge to the Expert level.

In addition, Microsoft often improves its program to follow the changes of the whole IT industry that take place from time to time. Thus, the Microsoft 365 Certified: Messaging Administrator Associate certification will completely change on June 2, 2020. Now, it has two tests that you need to pass – Exam-Labs Visit (MS-200) Exam Section – Click HereMS-200 and MS-201. However, according to the notice on both exam pages, there will be a new version of these tests – MS-203. Taking into account the current information, we don’t know whether it will combine this duo into one exam or it will be a completely new option of the verification of your skills. The current tests will retire around August 31, 2020, so you need to act now if you want to pass them before the changes are made.

In this post, we will cover the details of the first test that you need to pass so that you know where to start and what to do. If you are considering taking Microsoft MS-200 and looking for relevant information about it, then you should read this guide to the end.

Target audience and prerequisites

The Microsoft 365 Certified: Messaging Administrator Associate certification focuses mainly on the skills required to plan, secure, and configure the Microsoft messaging platform. It is designed for the M365 messaging administrators who perform the deployment, configuration, troubleshooting, and monitoring of mail protection, public folders, recipients, permissions, and mail flow in on-premises and Cloud-based environments.

The candidates who can take the Microsoft MS-200 VCE Exam Dumps are those who manage messaging infrastructure, hybrid configuration, high availability, client access, disaster recovery, migration, hybrid configuration, and hygiene. And as for Microsoft MS-201, it is created to evaluate one’s skills in implementing and planning hybrid configuration and migration, securing messaging environments, and managing organizational settings.

Those individuals who clear both exams and earn the credential can work in partnership with the Microsoft 365 security and enterprise administrators to perform topology, which will fulfill all the requirements of an organization or a company. These professionals typically have the necessary knowledge of integration, licensing, and authentication types with the application of Microsoft 365.

Please note that there are no official requirements for this certification. The most important is to master the skills that are covered in the exam topics.

Exam structure and other details

The structure, pricing, passing score, and retake policy of Microsoft MS-200 is not so different from other exams of this vendor. In fact, the only unique part of this test that differentiates it from other technical ones is the skills it measures. Let’s take a closer look the exam details.

Microsoft MS-200 is available only in the English language and is not offered in any other. There are a minimum of 40 questions and a maximum of 60 questions in this certification test. Unfortunately, Microsoft never provides its learners with the exact number of questions but all of them must be completed within 1 hour 30 minutes if the exam is from the associate-level track.

Microsoft charges $165 for the MS-200 exam in the USA. The price does not include taxes. This means that the candidates from other countries may have to pay more if their government applies taxes on the certification tests.

Just like many other technical exams offered by Microsoft, this one requires the passing score of 700 points. Any score below this markis considered unsuccessful. However, failing to get the passing score doesn’t mean that this is the end of the road. Microsoft allows the applicants to make 5 attempts within a year until they succeed.

Exam topics and their subtopics

The Microsoft MS-200 exam focuses mainly on three broad objectives that are as follows:

  1. Management of recipients& mobile devices

This subject is all about the recipients and devices and covers about 15-20% of the whole exam content. The recipient resource management entails managing mailboxes and groups, including resource mailboxes, archive mailboxes, mailbox permissions, and configuring mailbox policies. This topic also covers one’s skills in managing shared mailboxes and evaluating license options. In addition,you should also have competence in managing mobile devices. This includes configuring mobile device mailbox policies and managing mobile device access.

  1. Mail flow topology management

About 35-40% of all the exam questions are tested on this domain. The candidates should have the relevant skills in planning and managing connectors, planning transport pipeline, troubleshooting mail flow issues, and managing mail flow. Therefore, those individuals who are planning to take Microsoft MS-200 should learn about planning solutions for high availability mail flow and designing mail flow by using multiple sites. Moreover, they should study up how to manage transport rules and domains and also have the basic knowledge of Send and Receive connectors.

  1. Database management, disaster recovery infrastructure, and modern messaging infrastructure

The biggest chunk of the skills measured in Microsoft MS-200 is covered in this objective. Actually, the domain makes up45-50% of the entire exam content.The students must have an understanding of the process involved in creating, troubleshooting, and configuring mailbox databases and their prerequisites. To perform this, they should know how to create them, troubleshoot DAG issues, measure Exchange services health, test database and data center fail-over scenarios,and so on.


Microsoft MS-200 is an exam that evaluates your knowledge of the Microsoft 365 messaging infrastructure. It also helps youto be eligible to work as a messaging administrator in big international companies and earn a generous annual salary. This test is not easy to pass. Therefore,it is important that you treat your preparation process with maximum responsibility. Be sure to explore all available and reputable study materials. You should start with the resources on the Microsoft website and continue with updated tools, such as brain dumps, video courses, and study guides, offered by the ExamSnap platform. Thus, you will be able to pass your MS-200 certification exam with flying colours.

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