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Top 10 Boys Haircuts: Because Your Kid Deserves To Look His Best

There are so many boys haircuts out there that it can make your head spin.

Before you start to ponder them erratically, we want to reassure you that you have nothing to worry about. We have taken care to pick out the trendiest boy’s cuts so that your kid could always keep up with fashion. So, wait no longer to head over to our guide and make your best choice.

A Classic Buzz Cut

The main reason that makes a buzz cut so popular is that you do not have to waste any time styling it, as it is basically a wash-and-go cut. Thus, your little fella can save those precious extra five minutes of sleep in the morning. While being considered classic, it follows all of the latest boys haircuts trends, which you can explore in-depth on our website LoveHairstyles.

A Messy Crew Cut

If your kid does not particularly like to maintain his mane, then a messy crew cut is his haircut of choice. Despite the short length, it still looks stylish and trendy with the hair gradually decreasing from top to bottom. Tousle the locks on top with a blob of hair gel for extra emphasis.

A Modern Ivy League

For those boys whose school dress code rules are pretty strict, it is hard to think of a better option than an Ivy League haircut. Yet, you may want to give it a modern twist by complementing with a hard part or a fade on the sides and back.

An Undercut French Crop

Another staple of popular boys haircuts is a French crop. With more hair in the front, it calls for a bit of styling. Yet, not that much to require excessive maintenance. To make it look even bolder and more high-contrast, go for an undercut haircut on the back and sides.

source: instagram

A Pompadour Fade

While you can never go wrong with a classic pompadour, a fade is what gives it a contemporary and trendy feel. By teaming these two different in style cuts, your kid will end up with a dapper and edgy look. Besides, the wide range of fades allows you to adjust the cut to any ambiance.

A Disconnected Comb Over

When your little champ needs to look perfectly groomed, a comb over comes into play. As the hair on top is fashioned to the side, you may want to give it extra definition by partnering with a disconnected undercut. Together, they make up a really sharp and fashionable look.

All-Out Spikes

Spiky boys haircuts are one of the most popular for good reason. They are pretty easy to style and maintain while looking cool. Boys of all ages love spikes greatly, as they are a perfect means to express their ruffian spirit. Although there is an abundance of spiky hairstyles, all-out spikes are what bangs on trend.

A Fohawk With A Hair Design

Do you see your kid as a Rockstar in the future? Why don’t you let him try on this role today? A faux hawk is a surefire way to feel the rock vibe. As the sides are trimmed short with this rebellious haircut, you are free to adorn them with an intricate hair design.

An Angular Fringe

What makes a fringe your kid’s go-to option is that it is extremely versatile and convertible. You can style it to suit any ambiance, from casual to formal. Thus, he can rock this style both at school and at home. Yet, so that it looks ultimately stylish and fancy, opt for an angle cut fringe.

source: instagram

High Fade With A Top Knot

Although not every kiddo has sartorial bravery to venture out for this trendy hairstyle, those who opt for it may rest assured that the title of the most fashion-savvy guy in the school is guaranteed to them. This haircut is best complemented with a fade on the sides. Remember, the higher the fade, the edgier the look.

It is not hard to tell that modern boys haircuts are a perfect way to make a strong fashion statement for your kid. If you want him to be popular in school and win the name of a real trendsetter, why don’t you help him choose his next hair look? With our guide, we are certain that he will always keep pace with the trend.

Source: LoveHairstyles

Featured image source: instagram

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