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Practice Tests Know What Microsoft MB-210 Exam Entails and How It Can Lead You to Sought-After Certification

Microsoft MB-210 is also known as Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales. As with other valuable and globally recognized certification tests in the IT field, it is a challenging one, and passing this exam is not a walk in the park.

So if you plan to take it, you should be ready for thorough preparation.

To take this test and pass it in two ticks, the students should be familiar with business applications and have the ability to implement and customize them for their companies. They should have the relevant skills to configure and install apps, configure a product catalog, complete a sales cycle, identify common sales scenarios, utilize analytics tools with the data of a customer, and manage customer records.

The candidates for the Microsoft (Link Click Here) exam are the specialists with expertise in sales. A Dynamic 365 Customer Engagement Functional Consultant is in charge of performing discovery, engaging the stakeholders and subject matter experts, configuring applications and solutions, and translating requirements. The potential applicants for this test are also those who are tasked with the responsibility to implement solutions that support the sales life cycle to effectively and efficiently run to meet revenue targets, company objectives, and business strategies.The examiners are also responsible for expanding and configuring core functionality of Opportunities, Accounts, Leads, Contacts and supporting the entities to plan and put sales processes in place for the company. These experts identify the opportunities to use Power Apps in developing unified experiences for all the devices, business process flows, Power Automate for application integration, and other automation tools for constructing an application that accelerates and supports the “lead‑to‑cash journey”.

In order to pass Microsoft MB-210, an individual has to possess strong business knowledge. The first-person experience in the field of sales or expertise in at least one sales role is also required but not necessary. But what about the price, you may ask? Generally, the fee for the MB-210 exam is $165. This is mainly the case for the applicants in the United States. It may vary depending on the country where the certification test is proctored.

Skills measured in Microsoft MB-210 exam

To do well during the test, you need to know all its topics. That is why you have to master them in order to learn all the required skills. So, let’s take a look at the objectives of Microsoft MB-210. And remember, we always recommend that you check all the details on the official website. This way you will know if there have been any changes recently visit

  1. Perform configuration

The first topic covered in MicrosoftMB-210 is performing configuration. The skills measured under this area include but not limited to the configuration of sales settings, processes, integration with the use of external sales applications, and creation and configuration of sales visualization. These four key parts will bring you knowledge of the following:

  • Fiscal year and sales territories;
  • Business closures and currencies;
  • Auto number settings;
  • Goal management and sales management components;
  • Playbook management;
  • Relationship cards and their creation and management;
  • Configuration of out-of-the-box sales for business process flows and record creation rules;
  • Analysis and execution of sales reports;
  • Design and creation of sales charts;
  • Configuration of sales content pack for Power BI;
  • Implementation of LinkedIn Sales Navigator, Dynamics AI for sales, and social selling assistant.
  1. Manage core sales entities

Another area that the MB-210 certification exam focuses on is managing core sales entities. Under this topic domain, there are several concepts that include the creation and management of opportunities and leads. This means that you need to know how to search for opportunities and create them, close opportunity as lost or won, track the sales team and stakeholders, add product line items to opportunities, customize the Opportunity Close form, perform lead qualification, convert activities to leads, and more.

  1. Manage sales entities

The Microsoft MB-210 test also includes the task of managing sales entities.The questions testing the candidates’ skills make up to 40 percent of the total exam content. There are various concepts under this topic that include the creation and management of sales order processing, quotes, and the product catalog with a product itself. All in all, you will learn about the creation and management of competitors, invoices, and orders. You will also gain experience in creating templates from a quote, sending quotes to the customers or adding them to opportunities, as well as editing quotes in various stages. And most importantly, you will get the relevant skills in configuring product life-cycle unit groups, product families, discount lists, price lists, products, and bundles.

It is important to note that this list of topics is not exhaustive or definitive as there can be some questions from other subjects that are not listed above. To be on the safe side, the test takers are advised to study widely and cover all the objectives related to the ones highlighted here and check the information on the Microsoft website regularly.

Preparation options for Microsoft MB-210 exam

As mentioned earlier, Microsoft MB-210 is a difficult test. It requires thorough preparation and understanding of the content.The first thing to do is find high-quality resources from reliable and credible platforms. One such website is Prepaway. There are plenty of study materials that are updated and verified by the IT professionals. They are exam dumps, video tutorials, study guides, and practice tests. The last tool is very effective, especially if you take it in a stimulated environment.

After collecting all that you need, start by preparing a plan. Ensure that you are including breaks between your studies so that you can be able to rest enough every day.Follow your schedule strictly and ensure that you are completing your preparation a few days before the exam date. Revise the material you have already covered so that you don’t forget the information you have already acquired.

Joining a study group can also help you prepare for Microsoft MB-210. You can search for an online forum for the Microsoft certification exams where those individuals who are also preparing for the same test as you interact and share ideas.


To sum it all up, Microsoft MB-210 is definitely the exam that is worth your attention. Having passed this test along with Microsoft MB-200, you will get the Microsoft Certified: Dynamics 365 Sales Functional Consultant Associate credential. And this is a good start to the new heights of your IT career.

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