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iQIYI Launches Long and Short-form Video Sharing Platform “Suike”

Last Updated on 2020/04/02

On April 2, iQIYI, Inc, an innovative market-leading online entertainment service in China, launched Suike, a diversified video-sharing platform that has an extensive offering on long and short form videos, original content and community-based interaction.

Positioned as iQIYI’s major PUGC and PGC-based sharing platform, the launch of Suike represents a strong addition to iQIYI’s diversified entertainment offering.

At present, content available on Suike includes original iQIYI productions, such as films, dramas, variety shows and animations, as well as licensed content, short form PUGC that covers vertical areas such as celebrity content, gaming, and comedy.

Suike will also be taking full advantage of iQIYI’s IP resources by introducing collaborations with iQIYI films, dramas and variety shows. For example, Suike has collaborated with the idol-training variety show Youth With You 2 by opening up the show’s resources and launching an activity that allows users to create short videos using footage from the show. Idol-trainees from the show have also joined Suike and will be sharing with viewers behind the scenes content that is related to the show and their daily lives. Meanwhile, a channel dedicated to online auditions of The Rap of China 2020 will also be made available on Suike, allowing viewers to view audition and competition footage directly on the App.

Embedding innovation in all aspects of Suike

iQIYI has long dedicated itself to exploring how innovative technologies including AI can be used to empower the development of the industry. This dedication has driven iQIYI to launch industry-leading technologies including the “Interactive Video Guideline”, the iCreation Media Resource System, ZoomAI, and Qiguan.

Innovative technology also plays an important role in the development of Suike. Technologies including AI are employed in all stages of the App, including content production, distribution, streaming and monetization. Content creators will be able to employ iQIYI’s multiple technologies to improve the efficiency and quality in content creation. The App’s algorithm will also offer users personalized content recommendations while also improving the level of interaction within the Suike user community.

In relation to users’ viewing experience, Suike will be the first to launch a 360-degree video viewing function. This can currently be used by users when viewing iPARTMENT 5 and Youth With You 2 episodes or related short videos by enabling the “Immersion” function displayed on screen.

Creating a content creator-friendly community that’s compatible with iQIYI Partner Accounts

As of November 2019, iQIYI’s content creation platform iQIYI Partner Accounts has a total of 3 million content creators covering all content distribution channels across iQIYI’s platform. Going forward, Suike will serve as an important distribution platform of iQIYI Partner Accounts that strengthens the level of influence and monetization capabilities of content creators. At the same time, the expansion and refinement of iQIYI Partner Accounts will also allow Suike to become a platform where top content creators can go to share and communicate their work.

Following years of evolvement, iQIYI has created a diverse entertainment ecology that includes literature, animation, gaming, films and dramas, variety shows, as well as sports. Going forward, by focusing its development on aspects of content, content creators, technology, community and commercialization, Suike is committed to boosting the development of iQIYI’s entertainment ecosystem by becoming China’s leading video sharing platform.

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