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Medtec China push R&D of high-end medical devices; demand for medical manufacturing resources has surged

According to the data of, the number of enterprises involved in the medical devices business grew dramatically from January 1 to February 10, 2020.

More than 20,000 newcomers throughout China, resulting in a sharp increase in demand for upstream suppliers of materials, manufacturing equipment, and processing technologies. Medtec China has been committed to integrating global medtech resources since 2005, and has brought together more than a thousand suppliers of design, materials, components, manufacturing equipment, processing technology, contract manufacturing, quality inspection, regulations and consulting services from 27 countries to China’s medical device industry. Medtec China 2020 will be held in Halls 2 and 4 on September 14–16 in Shanghai as scheduled. Meanwhile, 16 conferences in regulation, quality and technology, will also be convened.

Demand for medical manufacturing resources has surged; Upstream companies are rushing production to meet needs

To ensure supply of medical devices, Medtec China exhibitors providing raw materials, automation equipment, processing equipment and technology, molds, and sterilization packaging are all engaged in production to meet booming demand. Lubrizol Management (Shanghai) Co., Ltd., successfully procured 48,000 high-end intravenous infusion sets that use Lubrizol’s medical thermoplastic polyurethane elastomer Pellethane® as raw material.

The medical automation supplier LeeDon Automation (Suzhou) Co., Ltd., put its assembly system into production of N95 masks, tracheal intubation, and latex catheters. Shanghai Jiuluo Mechanical and Electrical Equipment Co., Ltd. manufactured high-frequency welding equipment and reagent packaging heat-sealing machines intended for protective garment production.

Fujia Machine Equipment Co., Ltd. has been continuously supplying to meet the needs of automatic mask production equipment and core ultrasound systems for mask manufacturers. Kunshan senir Precision Mould Factory provides disposable mask nose bar extrusion dies, and vein detained needle casing extrusion dies. Wuxi jianding packing technology Co., Ltd. provides medical sterilized packaging bags.

Sunflower Technology Co., Ltd., provided UDI system medical devices and marking equipment. JoyMed Technology (Shanghai) Ltd., a provider of OEM and CRO services, assisted three enterprises with urgent registration of masks and protective clothing.

Regulatory, quality and technology collaborations break through medical technology bottlenecks

Recently, the China government pointed out that it is necessary to accelerate the pace to shore up the weak spots in high-end medical devices in China. To commit to advancing the independent research and development of high-end medical devices, Medtec China holds a wealth of conference sessions and invites industry leaders from home and abroad to discuss hot topics based on regulation, quality, and technology. There will be eight technology forums this year, including new themes such as application of 3D printing materials and technologies in medical devices, and core components and technologies for orthopedics and dental products. In terms of regulatory, updates and compliance of latest regulations will continue to be discussed. The quality track will focus on PLC risk management and FDA policy changes and factory inspections. 1,500+ professional participants are expected to join the conference.

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