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Secoo Reached Agreement with Lanvin to Launch E-flagship Store

Secoo Holding Limited (NASDAQ: SECO) officially announced that Lanvin, one of the oldest French fashion houses, launched its online flagship store on Secoo platform on February 10th 2020.

Lanvin, founded by Jeanne Lanvin in 1889, is the oldest French fashion house still in operation. Fosun Fashion Group acquired Lanvin in 2018 to capitalize on the demand for luxury goods in China. This e-commerce launch of Lanvin is a significant step of the multi-faceted cooperation between the Fosun Fashion Group’s many fashion brands and the Secoo Group. The Lanvin launch on Secoo e-commerce platform is planned jointly by Lanvin and the e-commerce division of Fosun Fashion Group. This marks the first e-commerce cooperation in China for Lanvin and it also shows the importance of e-commerce business development by the Fosun Fashion Group.

Speaking of this launch, Li Rixue, Secoo Founder, Chairman, and Group CEO, said: “We at Secoo are proud to be working with one of the oldest, most prestigious French fashion brand, Lanvin and the Fosun Fashion Group. This collaboration reinforces our strategy and commitment to bringing the best brands and selections to our discerning consumer.”

Secoo will launch both Spring/Summer 2020 women and men collection designed by the creative director, Bruno Sialelli. The women’s collection represents the style of elegance, referencing old glamour of the jet-set and craftsmanship, and the men collection reveals a fresh attitude with the idea of summer holidays.   

For the launch of the Lanvin e-flagship store, Secoo also produced an original Lanvin content video for Secoo platform and for the use of both Secoo’s and Lanvin’s social media channels introducing Lanvin’s spirit to Secoo’s 30+ million premium members. This original Lanvin video leveraged the power of Secoo’s members and provide an innovative way for the young digital savvy Chinese consumer to understand the story of Lanvin. At the same time, it also showed both consumers and brands the marketing power of Secoo in terms of creative content, and it’s understanding of brands.

Lanvin not only can reach millions of new premium digital-savvy consumers with this launch but also worked with a trusted partner, Secoo, who has worked with many luxury brands, respecting brands’ identity and their business strategies. Secoo will deliver more refined and diverse choices to its customers pursuing the utmost quality in life, creating a win-win strategy for both sides.

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