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Coronavirus outbreak: 86 fatalities in one day as infections top 34,000

According to data released by the World Health Organization, the countries affected by the virus are at least 28, most of them in Asia.

The virus has also reached the United States, Canada, Australia, the United Kingdom, France, Italy, Germany and Russia.

An American citizen died in Wuhan from the new coronavirus. The sixty-year-old woman died at Jinyintan hospital.

Most of the cases and deaths are located in China, where the epidemic has started.

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Confirmed cases and deaths (in brackets)

China 31,161 (636)
Singapore 30
Japan 25
Thailand 25
SUd COrea 24
Hong Kong 24 (1)
Taiwan 16
australia 15
Malaysia 14
Vietnam 12
US 12
France 11
Macau 10
Canada 7
U.A.E. 5
Philippines 3 (1)
India 3
Italy 3
UK 3
Russia 2

France today announced five new coronavirus cases through Health Minister Agnes Buzyn. They are British citizens, including a child.

Air France said it would extend the suspension of travel to Shanghai and Beijing at least until March.

The Diamond Princess, the cruise ship that has been quarantined since February 4, has docked in Yokohama. The passengers on board claim to feel in prison. Three other passengers tested positive for the coronavirus test, raising the count to 64. Passengers are in enclosed rooms and they can go outside in small groups under close supervision for less than an hour a day.

A Chinese representative from the World Health Organization paid tribute to medical informant Li Wenliang, who died of the virus earlier in the week.

Meanwhile, a second new hospital has been opened in Wuhan, according to CCTV reports. The first group of patients is expected to enter today.

Last Updated on 2020/02/08

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