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New Valentine’s Day Movies To Watch

Last Updated on 2020/02/05

February is the month of love.

The time you get to celebrate and appreciate love. What’s better way to celebrate Valentine’s Day than to spend some time with your loved ones watching the most romantic love movies. This is special as you don’t only get time to bond but you get some time to learn more about love, sacrifices, commitment and more. To help you have the best time here is the list of the movies you can watch with your loved one on valentine. Of course, you can also play nz online casinos games for real money and win money together.

A Valentine’s Match

After being fired from her job as a reality host, Natalie goes home for Valentine’s Day. Here she finds herself running the festival’s auction of the town with her ex-fiancé. We are sure you can see what happens next. All they say about 2nd chances can actually be true as these two managed to find love again.

Matching Hearts

Be prepared to get all charmed by this Hallmark Valentine movie set to be released on the 8th of February 2020. This movie is about a matchmaker who is asked to look for love for an entrepreneur by her mentor. This entrepreneur believes that the key to success is staying single. We can’t wait for this entrepreneur to experience the power of love. In the meantime, you can also check best South African online casinos for Valentine’s Day themed online slots.

The Secret Ingredient

Imagine going to a city for competition only to find the love of your life there. That is exactly what happens in this romantic movie. Kelly gets an invite to compete on a banking show held on Valentine in New York. As she is preparing for that she runs into her ex-fiancé who she had parted ways with sometime back.

Love In Store

When your competition becomes your love interest what will you do? This is when two rival home shopping hosts work together even though they did not want to. On top of that they were competing for a promotion. Along the way of working together forcefully, the two found themselves creating a bond and a chemistry that became so strong they had to start getting along.

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