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Macau may follow the Face-recognition trend of Canada

As you may know, Macau and Las Vegas are top platforms for gaming tourism. Australia, Canada, and EU countries are trying to compete with Macau as it’s the best goal for now. Macau officials announced the new trend in the online gaming industry – face recognition system that will help people to save their accounts and identity theft.

What are the benefits of the face recognition system?

First of all, we should mention the pioneering country of this trend. Canada was the first to touch with identity theft in the gaming space. As you may know, casinos and other gaming platforms (Bingo, Lotto, Poker, etc.) are legal in Canada from the 21st century. Those operators are using those platforms for the last decade already and could dominate the global arena.

Canada is the first to react to every need for gaming operators. In the last few years, it’s problematic to save account credentials. There are many scam systems that can get your password and user and use your account without your permission. It’s harmful because they may play with your money and even take payment from your card if you have attached and authorized card to the gambling platform. To make sure that online real money casino in Canada are in safe hands, Canadian officials opened the door to the “Face recognition” system.

Your account will be in safe hands.

The face recognition system will be easy to follow. First of all, online platforms won’t use it without your permission. Canadian operators have asked all the users to give consent to the face recognition system. They have used the recognition system only on users that have enabled algorithm. The face recognition system will take a picture of you when logged into the account. If the photo taken of the face is not the same as a registered user, then consideration will be limited. By that way, funds and cards attached to gaming platforms will be in safe hands. The user who accessed your account without permission will be blocked, and you’ll get a notification on the mobile phone right away.

Macau officials are ready for the new system.

Macau authorities have confirmed that few casino venues are already testing the new system. Online platforms of Macau casino venues already see success with the help of a smart algorithm. People love the face recognition system because it will prevent any hack. Platform users are now in safe hands from identity theft.

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