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How to Improve Essay Writing Skills for Chinese ESL Students

A number of Chinese students in the best universities around the world is growing every day.

Professors note that Chinese ESL students are diligent; they have a culture of learning and self-discipline.

At the same time, it is a no brainer that it is very hard for many of them to deal with their writing assignments in English.

We can’t promise you a magic pill which you take and become professional in essay writing, but with the tips listed below, you can get closer to this goal.

Written Communication Is a Must

  • English speaking friends online. Even if you don’t feel like making new friends just now, you may reconsider, because you desperately need some peers to talk with on a daily basis. Many Chinese and other ESL students go online, find some language exchange websites, apply for friendship, but it doesn’t last, because they don’t have much in common to discuss with their new friends. Look for some specialized websites, look for people with whom you share interests and hobbies.
  • Blog in English. Yes, it is a little scary to start writing something on your own, if you are not sure you can do it good enough. Stop thinking about it as about an assignment, and treat it as a fun challenge. Write about your ESL experience and give some tips to other students.
  • Dual-language social-media posts. You can also add the English language to your posts. Finally, when you have more English speaking friends, they will want to read your posts too.

Use Modern Technology to Its Fullest

  • Grammar checkers and proofreaders. They are real savers, especially if you spare some budget and buy paid access to a grammar checker like Grammarly or Ginger or similar. In half a year of using such a service, you will be able to spot your own mistakes in essays much better.
  • Citation generators. These are small helpers doing a great job for you. You can’t believe how much time they will spare. But what is more important, those MLA and APA manuals are rather tricky, it is not easy to deal with them, they are written by monsters from our point of view. And using citation generators, you can just not read them when it comes to in-text citations and bibliography entries.
  • Plagiarism checkers. The most important rule when it comes to writing essays is originality. University and college checkers are truly honed to detect plagiarism, so you better get ready and use some online versions before you submit your paper.
  • Synonymizers. They will help you to enrich your vocabulary and make your essay sound more “native.”

Find Paid and Free Writing Assistants

  • Find a tutor. You can find a tutor online or offline, you can use some local websites or the global ones, it is up to you, but finding a tutor is generally a good idea for an ESL student willing to increase essay writing skills rather fast.
  • Get into the tutoring exchange system. This way you can also earn money, which you will later spend on buying essays or paying to another tutor. Chinese is in very high demand nowadays, and you shouldn’t lose this opportunity.
  • Buy essays online from time to time. If you feel like giving up, if you feel exhausted, it may be a time to make a pause and give yourself some rest. Address a professional essay writing service online and get a high-quality custom written paper before the deadline.

You have managed to enter college or university of your dreams, you are reading this article in English, you are already more successful than many other people behind you.

Keep up to  good work, we believe in you!

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