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China might be the next big thing in the film industry in the world

The United States of America has always been leading in terms of film making and even in the trade market.

China has been having apparent changes in terms of trade and even the film making aspect.

China accounted for US$7.9 in the ticket sales of 2017.

This made a positive growth in the US industry as it made a 7% increase in the overseas box office takings for US films.

This shows that China could make history soon in the film making industry and also they are building about 25 screens per day as revealed by the Motion Picture Association of America Chairman, Charles Rivkin.

China Movie Market Overtook North America in 2018

According to a report found at changes have already started ravaging the movie market as China is having greater debuts than the US and Canada.

It is believed that in the first quarter of 2018, China overtook America’s Biggest Hollywood productions such as Steven Spielberg’s Ready Player One, Pacific Rim.

The Uprising and Tomb Raider had bigger debuts in China than in Canada and the US.

This shows that China’s film market is making a great impact on the film industry in the world.

Hollywood to consider lessening film imports restrictions to China

China has been capping foreign films at 34 each year.

However, United States Trade Representatives have revealed that their board is looking into the matter and China might have these restrictions swept away or lessened.

The film industry’s future is not really certain with the advent of Netflix, Amazon and Apple.

The MPAA remain hopeful for the positive change.

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That way everyone gets to enjoy their life as China rises to the top in the film business.

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