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Visiting Macau: Three Must-See Attractions

Last Updated on 2020/12/06

Travellers to China will find that the country offers a wealth of wonderful attractions to enjoy.

Filled to the brim with cultural treasures, beautiful landscapes and mesmerising sights, there is much to see and do in China for both locals and visitors from further afield.

One particularly popular destination for intrepid explorers is Macau. Known as the ‘Las Vegas of Asia’, this unique region is famed for its towering casinos and leviathan malls, and it has a rich and fascinating history to boot.

Boasting something for everyone – from cultural icons to entertainment meccas – it’s a great place to go when you want to see the very best of what China has to offer. Should you wish to pay it a visit, here are three of the places we suggest adding to your itinerary.

Senado Square

macau senado square
A view of Largo do Senado, the main square in the Portuguese colonial center of Macau

A Portuguese territory until the late 1990s, Macau reflects a melting pot of cultural influences, and this is never more evident than in its architecture.

The colourful Senado Square is a perfect example, and hundreds of tourists flock to see it each and every day. Designated a UNESCO World Heritage Site, it is filled with a wonderland of shops and restaurants, interspersed with an array of uniquely European buildings that hark back to the region’s colonial past.

Brightly painted and beautiful, these make for the most scenic of spots, so don’t forget to take your camera along to document every gorgeous moment of your trip to this special place.

The Venetian

One location where you wouldn’t expect to find a miniature Venice is in the heart of China, but Macau has a habit of not playing by the rules.

The Venetian is, as its name implies, inspired by this most romantic of Italian cities, and it’s a place unlike any other.

A luxury hotel and casino resort, it’s famed for its spectacular décor and lavish facilities, and tourists are more than welcome to game in its glamorous gambling halls.

Offering not only amazing entertainment but a host of highbrow eateries and chic bars, it’s the place to go when you want a good time. Just don’t forget to fit some gaming practice in before you visit.

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Image source: wikimedia 1 , 2

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