Full-time builder, part-time gymnast

Reaching internet fame at the construction site.

Full-time builder, part-time gymnast

A Chinese construction worker has become an online sensation for his self-taught fitness routines that he practices on site.

Shi Shenwei, 23, a construction worker who’s become an internet sensation thanks to his self-taught fitness routines he practices on site. He says he didn’t do well at school & used to be addicted to online gaming.

“I wanted to change myself” he said to Reuters “I saw a workout video on the internet, and I tought the routine was great.”

Now bricks serve as dumbbells & the scaffoldings as high bars. He’s amassed 1.1 million followers on ‘Kuaishou’, a Chinese video-streaming app with the help of his dutiful cousin who films with multiple devices. His online fame has caught the attention of many. He’s already been invited to perform on several major Chinese talent shows.

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