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Roulette with real dealer at live casino online: player’s tricks

Let’s speak about opportunities to make different game’s tricks with live dealer roulette. Lots of the leading live casino online propose this type of the game.

Basis of the tricks

You shouldn’t make any difficult mathematical calculations because the basis of such tricks is a physical part of the game. Playing in live casino online you must have to acute eyesight and to be very attentive for the opportunity to see the defect of the roulette wheel, to study the live dealer’s style and the ball’s circling trajectory.

If you have ever tried to recognize deflection of the roulette’s wheel you know how difficult it is. Even if you were standing in a few centimeters from the table.

If you want to study live dealer’s style you should to see the number on the wheel when he starts to put the ball into the game. You should to study the power of his wheel turning, the material of the ball, it’s diameter, etc.

However all these tricks don’t give you a real advantage due to it’s rather big errors. Lots of players live casino online think that it is a rather myth than reality.

Let’s imagine that some of the players are faultlessly make these tricks. What problems can they meet in the live dealer roulette?

The quality of the live stream

Live casinos providing games with live dealers make the quality of live stream better and better. But it still isn’t rather clean. Even if you have no problems with high speed Internet you can get some stray or the image hang. Eventually, low resolution doesn’t allow to consider all small details of the game.

Technology level of the live casino’s studio

The modern live casinos are managed by very solid companies. That’s why they can’t afford to equip it by low quality equipment or to hire unprofessional live dealers. Besides, the live dealers haven’t any real contacts with players. So, they can work more attentive. All these things reduce to minimum appearance of some roulette deflections.

Software for the live casino with live dealers

More often the live casino online proposes to you instant access to the game or you should to download the necessary software. The instant access is comfortable due to your entrance to the live casino online from your browser regardless to the type of your operating system. There is no needs to download and set up any additional programs.

Last Updated on 2016/08/26

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