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Madmen and Other Survivors

Last Updated on 2020/12/07

Madmen and Other Survivors: Reading Lu Xun’s Fiction puts the short stories written by this outstanding Chinese writer between 1918 and 1926 into a broad context of Modernism.

The fiction of Lu Xun (1881–1936) deals with the China moving beyond the 1911 Revolution.

He asks about the possibilities of survival, and what that means, even considering the possibility that madness might be a strategy by which that is possible.

Such an idea calls identity into question, and Lu Xun is read here as a writer for whom that is a wholly problematic concept.

The book makes use of critical and cultural theory to consider these short stories in the context of not only Chinese fiction, but in terms of the art of the short story, and in relation to literary modernism.

It attempts to put Lu Xun into as wide a perspective as possible for contemporary reading.

To make his work widely accessible, he is treated here in English translation.

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