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China’s Economic Supertrends

Last Updated on 2020/12/07

This deeply researched account of the future of China’s economy describes China’s top macroeconomic trends and how you can profit from them.

These trends affect everyone, inside and outside of China.

Between now and 2018, many new opportunities exist for businesspeople, investors and individuals who want to take advantage of China’s economic transformation.

Researcher and China expert Jason Inch shows you how to understand China’s economic development from a new perspective so that you can position your business, portfolio or career for the maximum return.

The author’s insights into China’s economy, its people and its political leaders have been gained through over eight years of on-the-ground experience working in China and two decades of research.

Based on discussions with CEOs, professors, politicians and entrepreneurs, this book explains why some have succeeded in China and others have not and helps you to become one of the success stories.

The key to understanding the next phase of China’s economic growth until 2018 is found within China’s three growth engines, the three turbochargers, its roadmap and the four economic supertrends.

For decades, the Chinese central government relied on exports and foreign investment to develop the Chinese economy.

Now it is time for the Chinese consumer to be a new growth engine of the Chinese economy. The other growth engines are still important, and all will be powered forward by the turbochargers, three forces that explain why China will succeed in shaping its domestic and the global economy faster than any thought possible.

A full chapter on China’s roadmap–the Five-Year Plan and related documents–helps the reader understand the direction China’s industry and economy will take in the next five years, ideal for strategic positioning, stock portfolio planning or new career directions.

Finally, China’s four economic supertrends–new manufacturing, urbanization, sustainability and affluence–show the areas where businesses, investors and professionals should concentrate their actions and effort.

These supertrends hold the greatest opportunities as China progresses through its Olympic Decade, from 2008 to 2018.

These ideas were first documented in the 2008 book Supertrends of Future China.

Jason Inch and his co-author Dr. James K. Yuann accurately predicted that China would not only survive the global financial crisis, but thrive.

This completely revised and updated work continues and expands the successful supertrends model for business success and investment returns.

As a strategic manual for executives, a guide for investors, or inspiration for individuals charting new career paths, China’s Economic Supertrends offers unique insights and ideas to the reader.

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