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How to Manage a Successful Business in China

Last Updated on 2020/12/06

How to Manage a Successful Business in China – This unique book discusses how to manage an organization in China.

It is based on the invaluable practical experience of entrepreneur Johan Bjrkstn, who successfully built a local consulting business with over 100 employees, and Anders Hgglund, a seasoned manager who set up high-growth and highly profitable operations in China for a major industrial multinational. The book provides widely applicable advice based on experiences from different industries, including but not limited to those of the authors.

Most books about business in China belong to one of two categories: autobiographical “success stories” or academic treatises. Managing in China goes beyond these genres to provide highly relevant, practical advice and checklists, as well as concrete and illustrative examples from the authors’ own experience. Managing in China succinctly explains how historical, cultural and social factors influence today’s Chinese business environment, and how managers should take this into account in day-to-day operations.

The book focuses on managing in a rapid-growth environment, but also provides advice on how to ensure sustainable operations and profitability in mature industries or a temporary downturn.

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