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Spectacular Yuanyang rice-paddy terracing images and video

The Hani and Yi people are the creators of the monumental rice terraced mountains which have made Yuanyang famous. Yuanyang County (元阳县) is located in … Read more

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Horse fight club in Guangxi

Every year, in Rongshui Miao Autonomous County, Guangxi, not too far from Liuzhou, local people celebrate the Chinese New Year with the 500-year-old tradition of horse fighting.

The rule is simple: two male horses fight against each other in a fight over a female. Over the years, fights become an import income for locals, attracting tourists from every part of China and criticism from the animal rights group.

Horse fighting in China images

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The village in a cave in Guizhou

Getu-River National Park in Guizhou Province, not far from Anshun is dotted by hundreds of mountains eroded by the force of water and wind.

In a large cave live today 18 people (in 2007 they were about one hundred), all of the Miao ethnic minority group.

The villagers of Tajing have lived here for centuries. The largest cave is approximately 230 meters long, 115 wide, and 50 high. In China, they became famous after a China Daily article of 2007, which depicted them as modern troglodytes. Other articles claimed they were the last tribe who lived in a cave in Asia (but that’s not true). They have developed into a quasi-tribal society. Inside the cave, there are many houses, all without a roof, a school, and a basketball court. Most of the people left the village in search of money and job opportunities. However, many others refused to leave the village and even refused new houses built by the local government. In Southwest China, there is also another village in a cave, Fengyandong, in Yunnan province.

The new houses built by the government and refused by the villagers


The villagers in 2007

The village in 2011

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