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Once we were a psychedelic band in China ...
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Beijing 01: Capturing the Soundtrack of a City in Flux

A Psychedelic Jam Session in the making

Back in 2001, a group of musicians – Matteo Damiani, Daisuke Tanaka, Massimiliano Carponi, and Xiao Ou (AK47) – who shared a love for psychedelic music, got together in a small studio in Beijing. They decided to have an impromptu jam session, which was recorded by Dominique Musorrafiti, an experimental videographer. At the time, the band didn’t have a name, but their music spoke for itself. They recorded two songs during that session – “Beijing 01” and “Chico de la noche”. The accompanying video for “Beijing 01” was shot during a significant time in Beijing’s history, as the city was undergoing significant social, economic and cultural changes. The recording studio where they jammed was located in an area that was due to be demolished as part of the redevelopment that was happening in the city.

psychedelic band in China