China's AIDS Village
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The shocking images of the “Aids Village in Henan” (Graphic Content)

Plasma Economy in China Plasma economy (血浆经济, 1991-1995) was a plasmapheresis campaign by the Henan provincial government, in which blood plasma was extracted in exchange … Read more

Hiv in China
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Sad documentary about AIDS condition in Henan

Hiv in China

Mistakes, abuses and prejudices of an entire system that underestimated and then inadequately treated a dangerous health problem with the wrong tools: inadequate medicines, medicines not approved by the United Nations, discriminations.

In China AIDS spreaded mainly thanks to selling blood. “In many rural areas of China during the 1990s, particularly in the province of Henan, hundreds of thousands up to millions of farmers and peasants were infected with HIV through participation in state-run blood collection programs in which contaminated equipment was reused.”(Wikipedia).

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Aids in China
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