Baron Roman Ungern von Sternberg, The Mad Baron
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Baron Roman Ungern von Sternberg, The Man Who Would Be Mongolian Emperor

Baron Roman Ungern von Sternberg (Roman Fedorovich Ungern von Shternberg), also known by the epithet Mad Baron (or Black Baron; January 22, 1886, September 15, … Read more

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1000 Years Old Houses Carved out of Rock: Guyaju Ruins

Guyaju ruins are a group of houses carved out of the rock. The ruins are known as the largest site of Northern China showing ancient … Read more

Beijing Underground City
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Beijing Underground City

The Underground City (Chinese: 地下城; pinyin: Dìxià Chéng), also known as Dixia Cheng, is a bomb shelter comprising a network of tunnels located beneath Beijing, China, which has since been transformed into a tourist attraction.

It has been called the Underground Great Wall because it was built for the purpose of military defense. (Wikipedia)
Video: editing and shooting: abelvideo/dmsl.co
music: Felix L’Amour

Beijing underground city