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©LIU-EDEN Kopie, Yang Liu
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Bridging Cultures Through Design: An Interview with Yang Liu

A Conversation with the Mind that Creates a Unique Blend and Balance of Art and Design. Yang Liu is a multi-award winning designer based in … Read more

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Interview with New York-based freelance illustrator Lisk Feng

Lisk Feng is an award-winning illustrator who is originally from China and now become a New York-based freelance illustrator. She graduated from MFA Illustration Practice … Read more

Shadow Chen Chinese creative director
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Interview: Shadow Chen, independent creative director

Shadow Chen (Leiying Chen), based in Shanghai, is originally from Ningbo. She is good at making colorful illustrations and digital art, graphic design. Her artwork … Read more

Kitsch Souvenir
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Kitsch souvenir from China

Japanese Kitsch China Shanghai designed postcards, letter sets, memos, glass straps, posters, calendars about traditional ideas of China: Chinese tea ceremony, street stalls, Baozi, LaMian, … Read more