toy design
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Interview: Raymond Choy, founder of Toy2R

Hong Kong Toy Design Raymond Choy is the founder and President of Toy2R. He spent 10 years working for a US footwear company. From this … Read more

propaganda posters for Chinese children
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41 Chinese Propaganda for Children

A unique collection of vintage propaganda posters directed to children. The images have an obvious meaning and were produced during the early Chinese Communist regime. … Read more

Chinese DIY inspired by movies
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Chinese DIY inspired by Harry Potter and Leon

Chinese DIY inspired by movies: Here some beautiful and clever DIY by Lili Ya inspired by Harry Potter and Leon. Jean Reno (Leon) with Natalie … Read more

Kitsch Souvenir
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Kitsch souvenir from China

Japanese Kitsch China Shanghai designed postcards, letter sets, memos, glass straps, posters, calendars about traditional ideas of China: Chinese tea ceremony, street stalls, Baozi, LaMian, … Read more