Art In The City’s BLAST! 2017
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Art In The City’s BLAST! 2017 is coming

Art In The City’s BLAST! 2017 is disseminated through an array of multidisciplinary platforms and pertinent social media channels. BLAST! Visions seek cutting-edge moving images, … Read more

Future Imperfect
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‘Future Imperfect’

In a not too distant future, the world will be a huge waste dump. A short scifi video about our experience in China.

In a not so distant future people will be produced in large quantities in factories. Sometime some people don’t pass the quality control. Video by Matteo Damiani, 2017 song: Pogo the Clown (Felix l’Amour), recorded in Kunming, China, 2010.

future imperfect future imperfect

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