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Documentary on Wuhan’s COVID-19 fight premieres in Beijing

Last Updated on 2021/01/20

(Xinhua) “Days and Nights in Wuhan,” a documentary reflecting the lives of ordinary people in Wuhan, central China’s Hubei Province during the COVID-19 epidemic, premiered in Beijing on Saturday.

The documentary is the collective work of 30 cinematographers, and consists of footage filmed on the COVID-19 front line, including the intensive care wards of hospitals. It recounts the touching stories of how people in Wuhan helped each other in the face of the epidemic.

By capturing moments from ordinary people’s lives during the city’s unforgettable period, the film lauds the humanitarian spirit of those who contributed to the fight against COVID-19, said Cao Yin, the film’s presenter.

The film will hit the big screen on Jan. 22.

Source: Xinhua |  2021-01-17 22:07:44

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