Charuvi Design Labs unveils Animated Films on Gautam Buddha’s Life Journey

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Charuvi Design Labs completes two 30-minute Animated Films on Buddha’s Life Journey.

The studio, one of Asia’s leading Animation and Design companies, has created these films for permanent exhibit at upcoming theme parks in Shravasti and Kapilavastu. Commissioned by the Rajkiya Nirman Nigam under the Central Government’s Buddhist Thematic Circuit, the 360-degree sound and light show is set to provide a unique and immersive experience for audiences. The Buddhist circuit is expected to attract a large number of foreign tourists, especially from the UK, US, Europe, and Southeast Asia.

Charuvi Design Labs elevates artistry with two Animated Films on Buddha’s Life Journey. The films showcase important milestones in Buddha’s life and the historical significance of Shravasti and Kapilavastu. With a captivating monologue and musical accompaniment, the ‘sūtra-dhāra’ transports viewers through the entirety of Buddha’s journey. Using Unreal Engine and Maya, the 3D production adds visual and auditory enchantment to the light and sound show. The films aim to deliver a powerful message through artistic and imaginative scenes.

Shravasti, where Buddha spent 24 rainy seasons at the Jetavan monastery, and Kapilavastu, where Buddha spent his early years, are both important parts of the Buddhist circuit.

Charuvi Design Labs (CDL) is collaborating with international film production houses, corporations, wealthy individuals, public and private museums, and world-class organizations. The 3D animated Shri Hanuman Chalisa was a huge success, being shown at Oscar-qualifying film festivals including Palm Springs, Anima Mundi, and Edinburgh Film Festival. CDL continues to set new standards in the animation industry with innovative content and design. The TV show “Legend of Hanuman” received over 23 million views, becoming the first animated series in India to reach this milestone and cementing its top position in the industry.


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