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G.H.Y Culture & Media Holding Co., Limited (G.H.Y), a leading player in the media and entertainment industry, is proud to announce the launch of more Singapore-China collaborations for the creation of original entertainment content (also known as IP projects) for 2022 and beyond. The G.H.Y Singapore and China production teams will be collaborating to produce and release 3 Singapore-China short drama series from July to September 2022. This format, familiar to audiences in China on streaming platforms such as Douyin and Bilibili, will introduce Singapore viewers to a relatively new form of entertainment content – the short drama series. 

The success of G.H.Y’s previously released short dramas in China is testimony to the changing demand for entertainment content through streaming entertainment platforms and linear TV. G.H.Y intends to continue to strengthen partnerships with new content platforms and attract a broader base of millennials and Gen Z audiences with the production of more short drama series. To date, this business unit has attracted more than 1 billion viewers across its published short drama content, with each series garnering up to 150 million viewers.  Each short drama series is slated to run for 2 or 3 seasons, with 12 to 16 episodes per season, and each episode will be approximately 3 minutes. 

G.H.Y’s first 3 Singapore-China short drama series collaborations – Goddess Hotel, Miss Tanya and Ability Bureau – will involve the Singapore production team and actors, with each IP project estimated to cost between SGD 350,000 to SGD 1.6 million to produce. All 3 short dramas will be simultaneously released globally, on Douyin (China) and TikTok (Douyin’s global English counterpart) with available translations in English, Bahasa Indonesian and Thai.

3 other live entertainment projects are in the pipeline to be launched in Singapore, including 2 Chinese musicals – The Ferryman, based on the original play of the same name that has toured the world for over 50 productions, and Horror Stories of Tang Dynasty  – and a first-ever immersive live action game based on G.H.Y’s Legend of Tang Dynasty drama series, where participants will be able to take part in an actual game setting mirroring the drama series.

G.H.Y’s Regional Collaborative Efforts to Grow its SEA Talent Pool

In order to expand their regional footprint, G.H.Y has also started collaborative efforts with tertiary institutions like the National University of Singapore (NUS) to identify, train and promote talent across the Southeast Asia (SEA) region. Starting with Pitch It! – an annual tertiary-wide marketing competition organised by the NUS Communications & New Media Society in collaboration with G.H.Y for student scriptwriters, whose winning submissions will be produced and filmed by the G.H.Y production team and streamed to a global audience.

G.H.Y’s has also entered into a strategic joint venture to establish a Singapore-based talent management agency with iQIYI as part of its business strategy and growth plans, to focus on the development of artistes who are primarily based in the SEA region and facilitate access to wider audiences and exposure to new markets for G.H.Y.

G.H.Y Collaborations with Local and Regional Businesses

G.H.Y also intends to collaborate with Singapore and regional businesses looking to expand their awareness and reach to China through G.H.Y’s entertainment content. Brands looking for entry into China or to reach out to Chinese audiences will find G.H.Y’s short dramas, concerts, musicals and movies a suitable platform to establish brand recognition through advertisement and product placements for their products and/or services.

“G.H.Y aims to be a cultural bridge between Singapore, Southeast Asia and China, linking consumers, brands and cultures to build better understanding and rapport for greater collaborations and opportunities in Asia,” says Li Si Wei, G.H.Y’s Head of PR and Distribution, Singapore. “One of the main reasons for us to establish a Singapore headquarters and an Indonesian office is to develop closer ties with these markets on the ground, so that we can develop the entertainment industry, its talent pool, and produce content for Southeast Asian and China audiences to create closer ties between Singapore, Southeast Asia and China. We find that movies, dramas and entertainment content can create shared bonds for greater understanding and appreciation of one another’s culture, which G.H.Y aims to achieve.”


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